Pewdiepie Fanart | Digital Painting with Process Timelapse

in #painting4 years ago

How's it goin Steemians! I know it's a very rare occasion that I draw a dude, but here ya go, one portrait of one dude ;) Yes I went a bit crazy with the colours, hope it doesn't hurt your eyes too much haha! I was feeling in a loud mood :P

The reference photo for this piece I snapped straight from one of Pewds videos, so pretty low res... click to view reference






Let's have a blast together, follow me! :D


wow what you did with the colours was heavenly!!!
This art looks so digital that you just want to keep gazing at it.

Congrats @joxus, You just won 100% upvote from @artzone.curators
Curated by @jacobite for @artzone

Ty!! Much appreciated ❤❤

Superb drawing, @joxus. You made a guy look beautiful. A miraculous achievement, since we all look like trolls, when compared to women. 😂

Haha, good point there! Women just seem so naturally photogenic, they might just be easier to do. The guy in this drawing looks rugged yet poise/elegant! :D

Ahaha love it, thanks 😂 was defs goin for that majestic look 👌

Haha, your colors don't hurt!

I like how your own take of him is like soo relaxed / content, that he seems to be basking in your background colors. (vs. the reference picture, where he just looks tired, and trying to get things done, lol!)

This Pewdiepie is waaay different from the idiot-like Pewdiepie I knew from before, yo!

Thanks for your loud mood! :)

Thanks heaps! Glad you think he looks more relaxed in my version, they were just subtle changes, but I really did try to alter his mood from the reference photo. I wanted to bring out an emotion that people probs don't see very often in him. He's usually too busy meming for any chill haha✌

I just love the color..!!! It forces your mood to go loud n vibrant..ahahaha.. great painting !! gave me moodboost ..:) I have done a painting too to get rig of my stress..LOL u can check my wall if u want..:)

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