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Hello Firend!

Until now I am still trying to continue to introduce the techniques I have through my works to various communities by attending the regular art exhibition held once a year in the city where I live. Often I meet someone who really wants to draw, but never make a painting though. When I asked, the reason was not having the money to buy good and decent drawing equipment.

And to make a painting should not only be done using materials that are generally used by others. Why do not we think of trying a variety of unusual materials and media. Does this change the rules? I do not think so, because the art I think is not an exact science like math, physics, and chemistry.

Therefore I really like to work with unusual materials. And for now I still try and continue to learn to work using brown packing tape. And below is one of my works.

And this is some process.
This stage of sketching is made directly using a single layer of packing tape.



This process is complete, then the question arises how can only one color tape used can make a variety of colors? The answer is because this technique requires light to see the results of the drawings that have been made. Usually the light illuminates this tape art from behind, the emergence of this brown color gradation because the existing layer thickness is different. The thicker the layer of masking tape the more difficult it is to penetrate it, resulting in a darker color.

Well, there is still a reason can not work because of the limited capital to buy equipment? It is not more interesting to be able to take advantage of material that was initially worthless to be worth having touched by the passion of art and creativity.

Here I am attaching my profile during pursue this technique that has been reviewed several beberpa tape art community that is in another country.



Thanks to visiting my blog, and hopefully this post can be useful, and if you like this post please resteem and upvote.

Cheers, @cellosht



Do not support plagiarism!

You have been flagged, again.

Hi friends, this is my original work. Can not you see I've attached my portfolio link? I confess my mistake yesterday, I did it because forced by economic demands, my grandmother being hospitalized.

I need a huge fee to pay off all the bills until my grandmother gets better. I confess my mistake and never repeat again. I WILL NEVER STARTING IT AGAIN.

Which man has never done wrong? You've even done the same thing with me.

Please do not be a hater!
Because it will not make you feel better than the person you hate.
Peaceful greetings from me.

This is the height of creativity! Kindly follow back and check out my art too

mate, thank you!
ok i'll check your post and follow back :)

great, thank you

your wellcome buddy, your work is amazing. Hyperrealism. From what did you make that artwork? pencil? charcoal?

Both pencils and charcoal, I use charcoal for the darkest areas

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thank you so much @artzone thanks to your support :)

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