Amazing post but i dont know how all your art comes from these woman's post . If you are copy pasting from her thats not a good thing.

Flagged because both of the post that you tried to pass off as your own here were plagiarised and now, cos you are a shameful piece of work, you have removed them.

You have to be a true piece of shit. I will flag you whenever I have the chance. Fuckin thief!

Dear friend, you do not appear to be following @artzone. Follow @artzone to get a valuable upvote on your quality post!

sebuah karya yang waaarrrrbiiaassaaaa.... good job @cellosht

sama-sama broe...lama tak basua..

wow! your work is very clean and good! i liked it. kidnly see mine also

Duct tape! Awesome idea! I love birds and just embroidered one a couple of months ago, this will be next. Thank you.

Wow ... @cellosht your talent is amazing. Drawing without sketches is the hardest thing in my life, but you can do it. I salute you.

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