Rose paintings that inspire women

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Flowers are plants that have shapes, colors of interest and look beautiful.
After a while there are some people who are amazed and wear flowers for decoration around the dwelling, love expression, party events, and welcome ceremonies of the big days.

IMG_20180523_045156.jpgMade By @andranzr

Interest has meaning as expression, flower color has meaning as treatment and therapy.
The flower will have beauty even though the flower is formed on a painting, but the beauty and the meaning of the flowers are still radiated.
Flowers are often used as an expression is a rose. The habits of women are very fond of roses, because it has beautiful shapes and patterns, has a variety of aromas and color choices.
Each color in the rose has its own meaning:

√ Red roses.
IMG_20180523_045331.jpgMade By @andranzr

Red roses It symbolizes love, beauty, romance, respect and praise. In essence the red color is bold, but when summed up as a red flower color symbolizes the love and deep affection.

√ White roses
IMG_20180523_183610.jpgMade By @andranzr

White roses are summed up as symbols of holiness, true love, to the conceit and purity of the heart. Not just for couples only, giving white roses can also be on the counter because white also symbolizes true colleagues.

√ Yellow rose
IMG_20180523_045419.jpgMade By @andranzr

Yellow Rose This rose symbolizes friendship, joy, joy and kinship. But the yellow color also symbolizes jealousy, generally as an expression when want to make up with a partner who was fighting.

√ Orange rose
IMG_20180523_045119.jpgMade By @andranzr

This rose can be thought of as a combination of yellow and red roses, symbolizing the feeling of interest and special gifts to the nearest person.

√ Pink roses
IMG_20180523_192656.jpgMade By @andranzr

The pink color symbolizes the softness, happiness, the sense of shave, the expression of gratitude, respect, and praise. This one roses is best suited to express a liking to a person.

this is all I can say today, maybe you can see by visiting my blog. thank you...

By @andranzr

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