My First Try At Gouache

in painting •  last year 

Hey steemians!
It is I, Ama yo Mama!

I promised Id show ya my very first gouache painting sooooooo, here she is!


About a month ago I created a speedpaint of her. It was the first time actually using gouache and it was extremely nervewrecking!


This has got to be one of my most favorite paintings Ive created so far. Still trying to get use of gouache but nothing Ive created since then was this great?? I dunno, I still have alot to inprove on.

Hope today has treated you right,

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Super pretty. Makes me wanna try the medium too!

Thank you! You definitely should!! Its quite interesting to work with!

Gotta try hunting a beginner’s set then lol. You got any recommendations?

Ive been using the 12 set of myartscape. I think its decent for beginners without too much of an investment. You can snag it off amazon!