My wife's paintings/photos from her trip to Italy!( Original photos and paintings).

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So my wife went on a trip to Italy on behalf of the School of Architecture

Italy is known as one of the finest cities of architecture.

Here are some pictures that will speak for themselves


These are my wife's drawings (when she got inspired lol)









what do you guys think about Italy?

לוגו מאריאנארט.png


WoW. She has a quite good hand and her arts are looks so beautiful.The street light pic is the best among all for me. The bird on the left top looks realistic.

i love them,is she also on steemit?i would like to follow her

she is to busy lol I post for her. :)
סטים חתימת פוסט.png

nice post bro your wife is very taillent lol great painting 😊

wow thanks for the vote Mr

if she really is in steemit? I would also like to follow it, I love them.

haha u should do :P u know you are husband hehe

There is no doubt ITALY is the one of the most beautiful Places in the World specifically when it comes to infrastructure and Buildings <3

Amazing Art-graphy and Photography she actually did. I don't know whether she is a professional Photographer or not but her skill to take photos is Really Impressive <3

P.S : Mrs. Amiramnoam your drawing work is also highly Appreciated

With lots of prayers, Stay blessed Beautiful Couple!

She's really talented! I was in Italy for a week. It's HEAVEN for Architecture

Beautiful images. I hope to visit Italy one day, a pretty great place to take one's mate. Hope you went with her :)

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הציורים של אשתך ממש יפים - יש לה כישרון ממש, לא סתם התקבלה לאדריכלות:)

למה בעצם בחרו באיטליה? האדריכלות מהסוג הזה היא אמנם מדהימה אבל היום קשה למצוא מבנים שירצו לשלב בהם אלמנטים כאלה מעוטרים ומפוארים, או שאני טועה? אם כי יש גם מבנים יפים בתמונה שהם בסגנון מודרני יותר אז בטח לקחו אותם לראות כל מיני סגנונות אדריכליים בעיר.

רוב תל אביב משלבת בתוכה אלמנטים של איטליה היום
סטים חתימת פוסט.png

וואלה? מגניב לדעת - אני כנראה באמת לא מכיר אדריכלות :)

Great paintings! Italy truly has some amazing architecture. I'm going to visit Italy next year as well.

Woow It is really very competent. the drawings are wonderful. I like them . Thanks for sharing them. @amiramnoam

Lol your wife painting skill excellent,all of painting looking fantastic, thanks for sharing post

Please learn to read the message before replying a comment... This is his wife's painting!

I know sir, I was wrong to write first.

Wow nice art. your wife painting skill amazing.I like your post.Thank you very much for sharing.adf.jpg

wow really nice painting i like it.

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really looking fantastic, thanks for sharing post..

Italy is a beautiful place! I also recommend visiting Berlin :D

nice paint.your wife painting skill excellent,all of painting looking fantastic, thanks for sharing post

Italy is looking fantastic, nice painting, personally i don't even know how to hold pencil properly:)

I just followed you. Kindly follow back. Thanks

Very nice I am also have vish to visit all the word
Now I am visiting Russia
Like to follow me

awesome paintings and photos. i like it's.
thanks for sharing

a very nice place i went to italy

What an excellent absorbtion of photos.
As a feeling of visited italy!

This is an awesome painting. Its really amazing photo and also creative art. I really impressed your Painting.

Wonderful art, congrats! Thanks for the photos.

Your ability to draw your own is very good.great paintings.

Just as how i call it, art work is LIFE beyond imagination. Yeah sure Italy is known for its architecture and there is nothing like having a moment in such a beautiful place not only being able to take a picture with your device but also your mind. I really love drawing while growing but i realized it must be backed up by passion and that your wife showed it..great work and share more when necessary with steemains👏👏👏👏👏👏

Its a beautiful city, danm I should go here someday. You wifes drawings show passion tho..she loves architecture.

Italy is full of amazing architecture thanks to the Roman Empire. I visit it once and definitely plan to go back again

Really Awesome Work done by her wow

Nice your wife is so cute and trip is also amazing she enjoy alot thair and images are very nice i like that trips

I like the details of her drawing.

Great artistic skill there...nice phtots

This is good art... I've always admired women that are good with a pencil...
Seems She had fun in italy too!
Please tell her she has a fan from Africa 😊
Thank you!!!

Beautiful architecture
Italy isn't new to lovely landscapes and fascinating architectural designs accredited to awesome works of the roman empire.

U5drcnwkaFMYFbLhYcFMYzJJnvr2KxE_1680x8400.png This art is very good, one-liners, one lamp in the street and two birds above.outsanding painting

Really lovely paint....

It's obvious you were in Italy last Summer. looks a lot more inviting there in Jerusalem what with the damp and the cold that we are experiencing. By the way, your wife's drawings look superb.

Italy is so beautiful, nice drawings, personally i don't even know how to hold pencil properly:)

very nice photo

nice she really is quit the artist bro your a lucky man

nice shots~~

your wife's paintings are very beautiful. thanks for sharing photo. @amiramnoam

Good post... I follow you to follow your wife's drawings 😊👍

I will say you are lucky to have such an amazing talented wife. I am into graphics design and I can tell those works are awesome, I hope you recommend steemit to her so she could post more of her works.

wow is sensational, your wife is very talented, you should recommend her to join our community, it would be super nice, greetings!

Wonderful drawings, and the pictures are quite stunning as well. Such a beautiful place to visit, thanks for sharing.

Ciao! Un saluto dall'Italia!

Pretty simple and neat, cudos to your wife! :)

Ciao! Un saluto dall'Italia!

the picture is very nice

Good place, his skill with drawing is impressive, good publication, greetings from Venezuela.
Stop by my blog I'm new

woow The wife is really talented. His drawings are remarkable. Italia's architecture is one of the most remarkable in the european cities. I would also recommend visiting the beautiful city of Barcelona. @amiramnoam

how cute that women and guys... you sharing a amazing photography... i am impressed to see your post and waiting for your next post...

Nice pictures but, little bit overexposed.

Those are nice pictures bro :)

Faboulus Photography! No words to explain the beauty of this phtograph

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I absolutely love the architecture in Europe period. I have only been to Dubrovnik, Croatia...are there some great buildings where you live. I'd love to see a post from you on that :)

Her Art work is very good and impressive. I like the picture of the Pillars, pencil sketch has come out very well. And Italy is s beautiful, both of you should go together to this Romantic country :)

excellent post and thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

your wife is very talented and appreciate her to make more drawings
She is doing good work Keep it up

I love Italy, my grandmother is Italian, I love Pizza there ahahah

I like her attention to details and the way she left white paper for the sky in he artwork. She uses pencil very soft and natural . You are lucky men to have artistic women by your side

I plan to go there soon.
Inspirational! Thanks for sharing 😀

The Photos Are Really Nice Success

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Cool Stuff . . I love ITALY..20150704_095649.jpg

She's really talented girls.
It's extraordinary think & Architecture..i like this.

the wife is just beauty) a very pretty girl!
the paintings of columns is great, I was looking at tiny details rather long...a skillful hand she has-)

Muy bonitas fotos

wow, Italy is truly a beautiful city and the architecture is truly amazing. regards to the wife hope she had a blast during the break.

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