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In this case it's called" Wading River."

Wading river is tidal and creek like in size. Today the tide was very low and still going out. So low that in certain parts the Kayak was rubbing on the bottom.

Since the tide was going out, be it slowly, I decided to go with the flow. That was a mistake. When I hit the small 1 to 2 foot waves of Long Island Sound at the creeks mouth I took some water into the boat. Could have easily got swamped or worse.
Once I got passed the small breaking waves I came into shore close by. Got the water out of the kayak and then carried it back to the river. Then I Had to pull it up stream where it was deep and calm enough to head up stream.

Nothing lost but time, but a lot learned by the experience. Now I was headed for a nice peaceful paddle through marshy landscape.

Heading towards the waves


Defunct Shoreham nuclear power plant opposite where I launch the kayak.

Low tide shows top layer of marsh that has taken hundreds if not thousands of years to make.


Up the creek we go


DSCN0861 (1).JPG
DSCN0862 (1).JPG


Family of swans that did not appreciate my presents.


Swans raise their wings to make themselves look bigger along with cat like hisses to warn me I am not welcome.

The swans stayed ahead of me for awhile until I was able to pass them with little problem. Having explorer blood in me went as far as I could go on this, the larger branch of the river. Thanks for coming along.


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Wow! It looks like a very beautiful. Love all the shots.

All looks very pretty and idyllic... strange to see an abandoned nuke out there, though.



They are probably using it for some other nefarious reason.

You are just like professional photographer.


Thanks... but no way ... just aim and shoot... ha ha

Every photo looking great but it is excellent


Swans are very beautiful birds. I love this place and the photos 📸


That shore are beautiful, thanks @starlady

I love the views and that old power plant was neat to see. I've never been in a Kayak. I went Canoeing once when I was 21 though.


Time to buy a new swim suit and rent a kayak. And if you like it go out and buy one. :-)

These photos are amazing @manorvillemike!! It looked like you might completely bottom out there but glad you made it out and back okay! The bird and water shots are my favorites..hee hee..you see what I did there?! ❤


Bird and water means you liked them all. Thanks


You're very welcome!! ;)

Awesome swan shots @manorvillemike!! wow that
must of been so cool to be that close!!
Love this last photo with those wings and cat like hisses lol

This one I also really love

I like the close egret and distant swan!
Beautiful paddle with you! ​❤


A little scary. Swans will attack. Went slow offered then free education, universal basic income and guaranteed housing and they let me pass. :-)

in Israel, we have wadi - these are drying up rivers. in winter they are full of water because of the rains and in the summer they are completely dry. Do you ever dry this river at all? white herons in Israel too :) I hope you enjoyed the trip


We have dry spells in Spring and Summer sometimes, but rivers never dry up.