Seismic activity in the Ring of Fire arouses speculation about great earthquake

The Pacific Ring of Fire is the area with the highest seismic and volcanic activity on the planet and is located in the Pacific basin, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail.

It should be noted that January there was an earthquake in Alaska and a volcanic eruption in the Philippines . In addition, earthquakes have occurred in Guam, Japan and Taiwan in recent days.

For these events and for the period of time between one event and another, it causes several people to suggest that an earthquake of great magnitude can happen at any time.

In this sense, the specialists affirm that it is pure coincidence and that these facts are not related to each other.

It is worth remembering the last recorded earthquakes:

  1. In January, an earthquake of intensity 7.9 on the Richter scale took place in Kodiak, Alaska, and another 6.4 in Indonesia in the same week.

  2. Mount Kusatsu-Shirane erupted in Japan, where the tsunami warning was activated.

  3. A volcano produced an eruption in the Philippines, where more than 60 thousand inhabitants were evacuated.

  4. On February 6, an earthquake of 6.4 struck the east coast of Taiwan, resulting in the death of 17 people and 180 people injured.

  5. Last Tuesday, February 13, a series of earthquakes between 4.9 and 5.7 on the island of Guam.

  6. Since February 11, Japan has recorded magnitudes of 4.5 in the north, center and south of the country.

Because of these events, the scientists point out that the activity in the Pacific Ring of Fire is common and there is no possibility that the domino effect causes an earthquake of greater magnitude.

It should be considered, a large part of the earthquakes that occur in the world occur in this region, where there is also much volcanic activity.

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