P3T Whale War 3

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Whale War 3 ("WW3") is being released March 18, 2019.

WW3 is a nice addition to the P3T family of contracts. This game has some really interesting components to it that our whole community will enjoy. It is a nice mix of Daily ROI and Tron World Domination ("TWD") with some other fun twists to it. All users will receive daily rewards. In addition to the regular daily rewards, whales will have incentives to contribute larger amounts to receive extra daily rewards. The whale rewards will help bring larger players to the game, which will circle back to feed dividends to all users including the smaller fish. This will continue to attract more and more players. There is a jackpot component that will build up and be won at the end of each round. We heard our community about the longer rounds of TWD due to the 24 hour reset. This game will only add a few minutes to the clock when purchases are made. This will keep users playing for the jackpot towards the end and continue to feed our early supporters. We look forward to seeing the strategies that people choose when they play Whale War 3. Will you go for the daily rewards? Will you fight with the other whales for the whale rewards? Or will you go for it all to win the jackpot and become the whale?

WW3 will have an unlimited number of rounds that will feed both P3T token holders and the Daily ROI contract. All dividends that feed the Daily ROI contract are unable to be withdrawn, so it is not like regular contributions to the contract. The TRX that flows to Daily ROI will grow the pool of TRX there and will be available to be withdrawn by all Daily ROI users. The Daily ROI pool has always been growing, but WW3 will serve to further sustain the contract and give players confidence to keep reinvesting.

Exact specifications of the game will be released a few hours before launch time. Thank you for your loyalty to the P3T family. We will have some extra surprises coming soon along with sharing our plans for dominating the Tron ecosystem and creating additional use cases for the P3T token.

P3T is a safe haven from the bear market. Please continue to share your experience here with others.

Talk to you soon. Get ready for the WW3 launch





🐳 Whaaaaale this game sounds lovely!

ohhh damn that is a clever name ehehe

P3T for life

Definitely excited for this game!

Top dApp on Tron network!! :)

These comments are worth reading. Much wow.

I remember though when some War game was added to Daily Divs contract on the Ethereum BlockChain.
That didn’t end well...

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looking great

@ugos, Blockchain brought new innovations and many opportunities but before no one thought that opportunities will going to arrive in fun way too. Many Gaming Dapps are born and definitely these are providing the essence of Fun and Opportunity at the same time.

@ankarlie @mermaidvampire @benedict08
Check this out😊

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Really this game is very lovely.
Thank you @ugos . You are always helpings us. You are always supporting us. This is very good information. We wait on 18 march. Again thank you.

Whale War 3 is here!
Oh yeah!

@ugos From the name of the game, it looks quite interesting. I can't wait to play it..

Im excited! Is this Game like TronKnights? There you also get about 3% Daily ROI.

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Thank you for information!

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wowww........ I think this is a super game

Really looking to this. It will be my first TRX game. :)

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Ilike it wooow

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It sound like #WoW
Sure it be real "WW3" not
scripted like" WWE"
Waiting for...😐

Looking good. I'm new with contracts and what not. No idea how any of it works but I really want to learn. Any advice?

join telegram

The development of WW3 is increasingly visible, perhaps with the release of WW3 will be able to facilitate and facilitate it

Yes. It is visible and facilitating the facilitatingness of being facilitated. Facilitate.

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this is good news, I will wait until whale war 3 is released, I think this is something good for every development

waw it sound like the best..... i can't wait to try it..

Really your posts have many advantages to all of us. We have learned a lot from your post. Your post is very valuable for our small steemiter. Thank you very much for this valuable post.

Whale war 3 seems to be a very unique game.

Your p3t family is awesome.

Keeping making these phenomenal games/

😍I will love to join P3T family...
It is great idea and i really appreciate work for the steemit community.
Keep posting such a content.👏👏👏👏

Incredible, count me in guys!

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This is amazing, with this sweetener, I think the players will definitely have no holds bard, the daily ROI is something

They dunt care of it. They dunt know much about bid bot. They just want promotion

Thank you for your loyalty to the P3T family. We will have some extra surprises coming soon along with sharing our plans for dominating the Tron ecosystem and creating additional use cases for the P3T token.

p3t for life....
Best of luck brother...

3.33% daily roi forever sounds too good to be true.

Only invest what you can afford to lose!

From the website:

"Every 24 hours smart contract will add 3.33% of your deposit to your balance as dividends.
That means you will get 3.33% of your investments each 24 hours. Moreover, this will continue forever (while contract has TRX)."

The "while contract has TRX" suggests that "forever" may be a lot shorter than expected.

@ugos really good Game with
Calm sound

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Whaaaaale this game sounds lovely..
and game amazing,, like it, This game must be excited at the games..!and vote me .. 2bP4pJr4wVimqCWjYimXJe2cnCgn9BCGp2YcMB2V3gS.png,, and it is a good informataion..

P3T Whale War 3 sounds good.
Hope it will be helpful for all

I really want to be a pope, but the possibility is that I have only managed to get it for another five more years, small fish must eat a lot of food to become a whale..😚

hola excelente dame tu voto

Definitely excited for excited Thank you for information!

I want to hit the jackpot🎁

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Interesting game. Thanks for this post.

I would like to play this time.
Count me in.

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Will this game be free?

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You can join right now for only 1 STEEM, just to try it out. When you see how great it is to receive a daily upvote automatically you can buy more to increase your upvote and your percentage of the yearly pool share. You got GMB’s?

One, Three, Five, Ten, Twenty, Thirty, Forty, Fifty, One Hundred

oh an alternate to flagging, lovely

Good to see more development into P3T network, definitely will bring sustainability to the contracts, congrats

Hi, i'm new on steemit. Good post, i upvoted this post.

Woooow fantastic i think thats very nice game for earn money.
I like it very much.

Pretty good

Interesting project

Nice let me get some Trx

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Good morning

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Its gonna be intersting , i also gona trey it

Propone buena alternativa decrecimiento e inversión..

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