P3T The Numbers Part 9

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Social Media Growth

Whale War 3 coming out on March 18, 2019 and it will also feed the daily ROI contract


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This would be an insane Whale War 3 Battle!

It will be

thanks whale war 3 is much awaited thing i hope that by coming out whale war 3 is something good for everyone

So, what’s the daily ROI percentage wise?

Technically 3% because 10% of your deposit goes to fees and to token holders. So 3.33% of 90% Original Investment is the exact same as just saying 3% a day. :)

3.33% per day until trx left in the contract

Do you mean that's guaranteed 3.33% daily until Trx in the contract? I remember in P3D, even when was still a lot of Eth in the contract -- you weren't getting a guaranteed fixed amount.

I wonder that as well lol

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Whale war 3 is looking phenomenal, I am waiting for 18 march

Keep doing this good work

I cant wait. Thank you

Oh. Then i ca not really wait for march 18th to come

It should be fun

I think the chart for the social media growth for telegram really showed a lot of steady growth, it's an amazing update, I just checked the contacts on medium, network status too is massive wow

The platform is still in its early stages aswell. Early adopters will be the ones that benefit the most and that is definitely what we are :)


this is good information, whale war 3 is a much awaited thing, we hope that by coming out whale war 3 is something good for everyone

WW3 should bring traffic to the website

First of all, thank you for your supporting us @ugos . You are always updated us. We are waiting on 18 march in 2019. And I always follow you. Thanks you again because you are always supporting us

it's important to see the development of whale war in the following month

Yes, I cant wait to see what the community will say about the new game

thank you for the news, I will wait for the whale war 3 to come out next month

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It should be interesting

good job

Look very good! I following your report. Blockckchain advertising in social media works.

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what's the whale war 3 about ? is there 1 and 2 ?

🚀 🌕

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there is no WW1 and WW2

@ugos, Definitely Social Media graphs are growing and expanding and directly it reflects the levels of Information, content, communications and discussions are happening and flowing on Social Media. Stay blessed.

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so, what’s the daily ROI percentage wise? Oh!
This would be an insane Whale War 3 Battle!Whale war 3 is looking phenomenal, I am waiting for 18 march

Keep doing this good work.and The platform is still in its early stages aswell. Early adopters will be the ones that benefit the most

Good luck guys✨

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How the project power is distributed in the P3T

What do you mean power ?

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Excelente, te sigo!!!

I can’t believe I just learnt about this, am I on time to join?

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Can someone explain what is this?:)

It's a textbook ponzi.

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Thank you for this information @ugos

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Good Job :)

Que buen dato, como me la paso ocupado no me entero de este tipo de cosas. whale war 3?. esto se pondrá mejor de lo que creí. me pregunto que tipo de batalla presenciaremos ahora, aunque también espero que al final sea benéfico para todos porque en este mundo mayoritariamente hay malos perdedores que aunque pierdan siempre estarán pensando en seguir con sus maldades como matar a las inocentes ballenas

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No idea what im looking at.

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I really wish i got in when i first looked which was months ago now fml...

Are we supposed to know what this post is about... you didn't even say what P3T is.
It's fine you do a post like this... but you spent a ton of money to promote this post and yet you didn't even write a post that does a good job of actual promotion. I'm confused.

This is part 9.

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I wanted to thank you for this excellent read !! I definitely loved every little bit of it. I have you bookmarked your site to check out the new stuff you post.
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