P3T The History graphs Part 8

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Another Weekly update...trying to follow the money is often a good strategy in the market and right now the money is moving to the P3T.NETWORK. Below are some interesting graphs, graphs are like numbers, they do not lie. The Devs focus on fun games and the people focus on the community.

Biggest contract on Tron Network



Whale War 3



But what are the risks in these kind of dApps? Well, we all know from the Eth versions...

No risks? 🤔

Thats the thing though, they have seen what went wrong in the ETH versions and adapted them to make them more sustainable. :)

losing your money

same risks as p3d: you come in too late you lose
get in when you're early or when there's few people
snailthrone is a good one on ETH https://bit.ly/2C2uwDr
with many games tied to it giving divs, new one today https://bit.ly/2BZMSF6

Yes,... I don't like playing this type of game anymore; it's not sustainable.

I like Tron, infact I'm holding some Tron myself too. Where should I read more about P3T project? Thanks

Every time there is definitely support, and there is something we can discuss in the market, doing business with the community is very pleasant

Vaya !!

Really this is amazing @ugos . I already shocked that 106683 Transactions . This your promising project. Personally I like your project. I already join your telegram and follow your twitter. Thank you for your supporting us. You are very helpful person. Best of luck.

follow the money ! how abt money on steem ? where's it's heading

🚀 🌕

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Oh man!
That Daily ROI is skyrocketing!

It really is

insane numbers

Absolutely insane!

I like this project, I think it is very high quality, personally I will follow you in various social media, thank you very much, I love your project

Hi. But what are the risks in these kind of dApps? Well, we all know from the Eth versions...think you

The thing is the developers have learnt from the mistakes the ETH platforms made and have implemented features to keep it more sustainable. For example, this week P3T are releasing a new game on the platform, which when TRX is invested into, small percentages are fed into the Daily ROI contract, to help it grow and live longer.

losing your money

Something is really telling me this tron have a great future ahead and that of p3t though i did not know much about it yet

graphs make the interpretation easy and do not lie as well

p3t is looking a very good opportunity for the money

But what are the risks in these kind of dApps? Well, we all know from the Eth versions..woow what surprising the graphics this if it convinces that it arrived far away excellent.I understand 90 percent of you in this post. If you post more beautifully, we will understand better and we can improve. Thank you for posting this type, we want you to be able to improve one day.received_1105085332997891.gif..graphs make the interpretation easy and do not lie as well

p3t is looking a very good opportunity for the money..20190218_105217.jpgso nice post, u intaligent..20190218_105049.jpg

They said with scam. A well-known friend recorded about him. There was criticism. And the chart says something else. We'll see what the days bring.

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I’m going in for another xxx let’s do this, get that future TRx moon money

wooow what surprising the graphics this if it convinces that it arrived far away excellent

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There is always a focus that intertwines with other chains, like following the money just like you've said, the graphs definitely do not lie, wow I'm definitely just getting aware of this.

there are so many that I still need to learn, but whether the things you are discussing have a high risk.

I think it's interesting too

@ugos, In my opinion, Gaming Community is biggest community in world and if Gaming enters into the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency world then definitely we will going to see strongest communities in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Space and inturn it's overall boost. If people find value then money will born itself. Stay blessed.

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We've been watching the Blockchain based Ponzi Game for a long time now, but strangely have never taken part in it.

You should come in our telegram to discuss because if you look at this in a macro economic way. The next step is Dapps, that I am certain. The typical crypto investor is not a gambler (casino), it was forced by being the only app out there. But now, we have these investment application, these can go mainstream easily, the problem is fiat to crypto.

As a Crypto-related company. We're actually very in touch with key players that either are or are looking to provide fiat/crypto ramp.

Check us out in our Telegram too!

Thanks @ugos for your information. And i am surprising the graphics P3T network.I like you and every time follow.

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But what are the risks in these kind of dApps?

siento que hay algo malo en esto. no es por desprestigiar pero nunca me fió completamente de algo. habrá algún truco? y si es así cual es?. soy todo oídos para escuchar pensamientos y opiniones.

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