1UP new game with P3T play

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1UP https://1up.games/ is a new ROI game that recently partnered with P3T through the P3T Play 3rd party Dapp program, and just launched about 2 days ago.

1UP is built to be a sustainable and secure ROI contract that starts off with just 1% ROI per day. However, 1UP rewards people playing the game by increasing the rewards by just 0.02% every 24 hours for anyone that doesn't withdraw from the contract. The maximum daily rewards are just 2% per day in order to try to build something more sustainable.

This is one of the more creative ROI games out there because 1UP has incentives to hold onto your investment in their ROI as any withdraws will reset your daily gain back to just 1% per day.

1UP also has the option to withdraw up to 50% of your initial deposit at any time in the game as long as their is enough balance in the contract.

There is also a card game that 1UP has created which allows you to purchase a card which will reward you a percentage of all deposits made into the contract for a certain amount of time. More details on the P3T website.

1UP also has stats at the bottom of their page to show the contract balance including deposits, withdraws, and more.

P3T has audited the 1UP contract themselves and every deposit into 1UP will also feed dividends to P3T token holders.


1UP video explanation

Telegram for 1UP


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Thank you for this valuable post. I have not seen you for a while in steem. I appreciate to see you again in steem. Thank you for your informative sharing

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Thanks, sorry I've been very busy lately and recently moved. I'll try and post more often. I've been caught up in a lot of Dapps on Tron and ETH.

On which blockchain this project is made my friend ?
1% ROI every day is this really working?
And for how many days they are giving this return?
Might be really needed to check carefully high risk might be involved with huge profit.

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Hey, thanks for the questions, this is on Tron and it seems like one of the more sustainable ROI games out there. After 30 days if you don't withdraw you will be close to 2% per day. None of these ROI games are 100% sustainable, but this has potential to last a few months.

Ok Noted. And onee thing if they are raising their ROI how they will manage to give return to every investors. That is really big doubt. But no problem as you said it is not sustainable.

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Raising the ROI by just 0.02% every 24 hours give investors incentives to keep their Tron in the contract. Any withdraws will reset their daily percentage gain back to 1% per day. This is one of the most creative and sustainable ROI contracts out there, and it could last a while, but it will probably not last forever.

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I've played this game, with p3t this game looks really good

Thanks for sharing, I've also invested some trx in this project !

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