1UP Launches With Users Flowing Into The Contract 5 Million Strong!

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24 hours ago 1UP launched its new dapp. Aiming for sustainability, 1UPs user base is rewarded for not withdrawing and pays you to do so. Every 24 hours you will receive a +0.02% boost on your dividend percentage capped at a maximum of 2%. Dividend withdrawals will reset your dividend percentage to 1%.

There's even something for the whales. You can buy cards on the Power Up section of the dapp. Cardholders will receive a percentage of all deposits while holding a card. Every time the card flips the price doubles. All cards have a half-life which reduces the cards price by half after a set amount of time. Silver gets you 0.25% of all deposits with a 1-day half-life. Gold gets you0.5% of all deposits and a 3-day half-life. Platnuim will net you a 1.25% of all deposits and a 5 days half-life.

1Up has an exit door for all investors that is unique. Selecting the Exit Game button will pay out 50% of your total credits. The remaining 50% will be permanently added to the contract. This screams longevity for all users and you actually get back part of your investment when you decide to quit!

1Up might have the golden ticket to longevity and if you would like to join this great model of sustainability join here:
If you would like to join 1Ups Telegram page join here: https://t.me/OneUpGames
If you like this content join here: https://t.me/TheDapperNewsbyDan

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