Daily Prayer Request Weekly Summary 7/31 - 8/06

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Hi folks, many of you may be aware that I post a daily prayer request thread, have decided to do a weekly thread summarizing the specific none general requests of each past week for those who may have missed some of the requests and also to help maintain in prayer.

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Thanks for praying brethren! God blesses abundantly those who pray and support those in need..

Matt. 18:19 - "if two of you agree on earth about anything they ask, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven."

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“As we have therefore opportunity, let us do good unto all men, especially unto them who are of the household of faith.” - Galatians 6:10

The requests, from oldest to newest:

@littlenewthings: and I would like to give a praise report.
After the incident my mom has been listening to my prayer daily (through recorder) and listened to my recorded encouragement that you guys (the international prayer group community) are praying for her, declaring and receiving healing for her eyes, her left eye has confirmed that its wound is starting to close up and is almost there!
She now feels less pain during the glare and she could walk out from her room and smell fresh air with the super dark welding glasses I got for her when I went to check on her in mid July.
She is really grateful for all your prayers and she wanted to say a big thank you for those who have been, and still continuously remembering her in prayers.
We declare and believe that through this trying time that she will see God's love and faithfulness in her life and she finally can trust God more and more each day; and also for my dad, who has been silently worried sick can start to see God's work in her life and our lives, and his heart will open to the Gospel of Grace!

@papa-pepper: I would appreciate prayer that I would be leading my family in the way that God would have me, and that I would make more time to invest in the eternal souls of my children. Thank you.

@garthfreeman: My Mom could use some prayer. She's having a really tough time with her marriage right now.

@globocop: Let us pray for wisdom of the world leaders with regard to NORTH Korea.
Millions of lives are endangered by a godless tyrant who threatens piece in the region.

Let us also pray for the people in Venezuela - once the second richest country in the world - today despised by even Mexico.


Pray for good health

Prayer for life partner.


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Pray for Holly who is in critical condition after a car accident. The Doctor's have given up hope.


The Father is hearing, in His hands..


Prayers for her recovery and for her family.


Heavenly Father we uplift Holly into YOUR loving hands. We know that the doctors have given up hope but LORD you are the God for the impossible. We speak life into her right now, spirit of death and infirmity, loose your grip from her, in Jesus Name !
Holy Spirit thank You for coming to Holly's family and Your Shalom Peace envelopes them, that in this dark time You are ever presently with them. Thank YOU Aba Father for never leaving nor forsaking this family and Holly. Thank you Lord Jesus for taking every stripe, transgression of Holly unto Your body, and by Your stripes she is healed.


Agree in Jesus name AMen!


Yes has gone home to be with Jesus. Please keep the family lifted up.


His will b done.. praying for the family.

Thank you @wilx, this summary is good and can keep us updated!

Thank you Lord Jesus for a super natural intervention of your grace and mercy upon your people. I declare the extremities of God's goodness to overtake you all in Jesus name!
You are all blessed and deeply loved by God... Amen


Please continue to pray along with me for our fellow steem-ian @fatpandadesign as his right foot continues to have an increasing pain, numbness and discomfort. He is not able to walk as per usual due to the nerves that are inflamed in his right foot.

Please pray for my church as we transition to the leadership of a new pastor. I am on the church staff as well so a transition for me as well.


on it dear sister. God is always good for His church!
May He be the Alpha & Omega of this transition. Amen

Good post @wilx! I will always be here to support :D

What a wonderful idea! We do prayer requests at our church and they are so rewarding and really help through rough times.
I don't have a prayer request at the moment, but will resteem in case others in my following are in need.
God bless you!


Tnx bro.

thank you wilx for all you do in the posts.


Thank you, God bless.