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Recently, an article circulated on the internet, "10 years'work, 100 W annual salary, only 10 minutes to be laid off: the times abandon you, not even say hello." What is it about? I have a simple reason. The author of this article, speaking of Oracle's layoffs, gives an evaluation to the employees of Oracle's China R&D Center: comfortable life, lack of ability, freedom of working hours, no punching at work, and even can apply for work at home. In addition, there are annual holidays, paid sick leave and so on. After being laid off, Internet giants such as Ali, Baidu, Tencent and Huawei set up special recruitment columns and held special recruitment sessions in the park. However, Oracle employees did not perform well, and many of them were brushed down.
Thus, the author concludes that the times have abandoned you and that he can't even say bye. In order to prove this conclusion, the author cites another example: Jingdong. Some time ago, Jingdong clearly wanted to eliminate three types of employees:
first, those who could not fight, regardless of their performance, position, old staff or Guan Peisheng, regardless of physical or family reasons, could not fight or not move.
Secondly, those who can't do it, that is, those who have poor performance.
Third: people with low cost performance, some people cut their salaries. And once again gives an evaluation: people in middle age, not outstanding, then out, which is inevitable.

liuqiangzong,the ceo of jd
After reading this article, I quickly opened the calendar and confirmed that it is 2019, the 21st century, slavery has long been overthrown, and our country is also moving towards advanced developed countries.
BAT and Huawei are indeed one of the strongest enterprises in China. The employees have good salaries. At the same time, their work intensity is very high. 996(Working from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., six days a week) is almost standard configuration. When they are busy, 9127 is not surprising. I have several friends working in Huawei and Tencent. From the graduate students in their twenties, it has been 6 or 7 years since they graduated. The circle of friends has almost no daytime presence.
Scenery, occasionally see scenery is in the evening, their children go to school, they do not even know where kindergarten, primary school. At first, I thought it was amazing how could I be busier than the President of the United States? Trump's own company has billions of dollars in business, and as President of the United States, he still has time to tweet every day. Later, I talked with them twice before I realized what it was like. For IT, Internet and other emerging industries, the competition is very big, and indeed busy, but not every day for more than ten hours. Many times, overtime is due to passive helplessness. For example, if your leader doesn't leave, you can't go. If your colleagues don't finish the work in hand, you have to accompany them. It's not over yet. You have to spend it. I asked them if they could finish their work and get off work at the right time. They looked at me as if they had seen aliens and answered, "No, they're going to be fired. I was shocked, and continued to ask, if you don't work hard overtime, you will be killed, then when can you work overtime, 40 or 50? When you can't work any more, you'll still be fired, won't you? Both sides fell into a long silence.

Middle-aged people, is a very realistic topic, every middle-aged people used to be small meat, fairies. However, if you are not outstanding, you will be out of the time. What kind of robber logic is this? Does the so-called struggle mean working hard overtime? People who live normally are treated as criminals. They should be expelled and eliminated. They can't be brothers anymore. I think this is the life we all yearn for, but this is not the way to fight, struggle to fight, to reflect a high cost-effective, people 996, you toward nine to five, how can this be done, you have to work hard? So what? Did you die with all your heart and soul?

Since the reform and opening up, private ownership and private enterprises have been growing at an amazing speed. In this process, there are also many problems. One of the most typical problems is the contradiction between the employer and the employer. It is obvious that the employer is in a strong position. It is described by a simple picture that money is the grandfather. In front of Grandpa, you have to kneel!

Yes, it used to be subject to various objective conditions: late introduction of labor law, imperfect regulations, unequal information, huge demographic dividends and other factors, in order to survive, forced to kneel. But now the legal system has been improved, the Internet has eliminated the information inequality, the demographic dividend has been rapidly reduced, the situation of unequal labor and management is undergoing tremendous changes, hard work without complaint and regret has become the past, the current wages should match the working environment, labor intensity and length of labor, workers have their own rights and interests, protected by law, many bosses. It's impossible to face up to this problem, and to call on employees with a Lyric attitude: Lao Tzu spent money, you should obey me, you have to do what you want. This is no longer a job, but a slave.

Kneel for a long time, and forget the feeling of standing!

Ask yourself, won't kneeling be eliminated? For capitalists, the ultimate logic of eliminating you is simply to unload and kill donkeys, whether you kneel or not.

In this world, the vast majority are ordinary people, the outstanding people must be a minority, the outstanding people stay, the ordinary people out, this buttock than the so-called law of the workplace jungle is still crooked, I live an ordinary person's life, how can it seem that even alive is not worthy? Society is saying that this is an age of anxiety in trafficking. What I want to say is that anxiety in trafficking is understandable, but within a reasonable and legitimate scope, you should shout in your mouth to struggle and struggle, thinking that you must work hard at 996 overtime and kneel every day, which is a blasphemy to the people's wisdom and law.

During the period of the Republic of China, Professor Gu Hongming of Peking University, in memory of his mother, kept the braided braided braided braided by his mother. At that time, many people cut the braided braided to show themselves as people of the new era. Gu Hongming was laughed at because of the braided braided on his head. He responded: My braided head, but your braided in your heart.

Are the braids in our hearts still there?