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Overlord (2018) the Movie Online free

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I wanted to go see a movie and I had just heard that there were theaters at Mall of America again. I decided to try CMX Theatres at Mall of America and I chose this film. I have a soft spot for zombie films, even though I pretty much expected an incredibly bad though hopefully gory little movie. My expectations couldn't have been more wrong. What a very good, possibly great, film (though, admittedly, the luxuriousness of CMX Theatres at Mall of America may have added a bit)! I personally have never heard of any of the actors in the film (though I have, of course, heard of producer J.J. Abrams); but I definitely believe that everyone will be hearing from these young actors for a long, long time to come! Unlike many "zombie" films, the storyline seemed pretty believable ... though I'm not sure I would have referred to it as "a zombie film." All of the American and French characters were quite likable to lovable, and the Nazi characters were all rather unlikable to downright nasty. As in all horror films, likable characters are killed along the way, and when one notable "lovable" character was killed, I actually felt rather sad and teared up a bit. It has much more emotional depth than I would have thought possible in a zombie film. Though I've never heard of any of the actors, I'm guessing they all have a lot of experience under their collective belts. I think I will go see it again. Two thumbs up for the acting, storyline, and production!! I'm off now to research these talented young actors to see what other films and/or television programs they've been in. Go see it in a theater while you can!

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