The Sun Came Out...So in Canada, YOU GO FOR A WALK!

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Today The sun came out and it is only -4 C so out I went for a drive and a walk to see friends, family and neighbors. Here are some great shots that I got and some are from my neighbors in the community as I visited.


This one got away from the Fall hunt! Picture by Leez, Isle de Grand Calumet, She lives right by my mother in laws house, out on my drive to visit.

image This image is by Bev Moss a great lady who lives near us in our neighborhood. She loves to photograph animals, and is talented. I enjoy her work.

This one my neighbor took.

This is another great shot by neighbor Bev Moss.

This is a partridge who also escaped the hunt!


At my neighbors feeder!

image This last image is by Diedre Gauthier of Petawawa, which is also close to us.

Just a little guy hanging out in a tree.

Happy “Walking in the Sun” Trails


You got some amazing shots of the birds!! I find them so hard to get good pics of with my phone. You should check out the tag #walkwithme by @lyndsaybowes! She’s in Canada too! :)

I know about @lyndsaybowes she in Nova Scotia. I couldn’t remember her I thought it was out walking.

Incredible pics! Living surrounding by animals must be a blessing!

It is indeed gotta love small town rural Canada!

Beautiful images. Those birds are sparrows or chikadee?


What are all those little birds in that one picture? I feel like I haven't seen those before.

Only minus 4 is great it's minus 12 here. You simply gotta keep going out you can't stay the whole winter inside. Just dress for the weather and you will feel great.

I love that second photo of all the little birds. It's almost like an optical illusion! Thanks for sharing. :)

Looks like you had lots of fun. We finally had a lovely day of sunshine today, too!

Animals and birds in the snowy backdrop are fabulous. The exposures even cooperated! You had a fantastic day. I hope you have a bunch more! But remember photos or it doesn't happen ;-)

Still no sign of Spring. Guess that's how Canada looks most of the time?
BTW, great neighbors you have there :)

Nice shots

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