Family outing at the beach

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It's summer season and this is the best time to spend time with your family, friends or relatives at the beach. That's why I and my family have gone to a beach yesterday. It was really fun and unforgettable. My father has a friend in the beach at the back of the Andok's restaurant here in Barretto Olongapo. So, we chose that location, it's a good choice of location since it isn't that crowded as other beaches near the area.


We had so much fun, we ate the food on the table. The crab and shrimp is my favorite, so I preferred eating those and get as many as I want. Videoke is one of the best ways to amuse and bond a Filipino together, since all of us really loves music and singing. We sing a song together and enjoyed each moment. After singing, we started swimming in the ocean, while the sun was high and the weather was too, but that doesn't stop us to keep away from swimming, we had so much fun instead. The time comes too fast, and the night time has come. So, we've decided to drink a cold beer, then get back to the videoke.


Andok's..Kabayan.. lol!

Love the food.. actually craving for hilabos shrimp right now!

Boodle fight is my fave part in get togethers!

Looks like you enjoyed the long weekend.. regards dyan sa Olongapo! 😊

It is fun to be with family but at my age I [prefer the simple easy way not really a beach person heheh

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