Outing for collect the red guavas:

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Hi to everyone my lovely friends! Today I made an outing with my small family and my husband to go one place to collect the red guavas, as everyone know in Mauritius 🇲🇺 it’s the season of red guavas, but we didn’t find so much, and when I taste them , they are not so sweet like before, when I ask my husband he tell me that I have to wait some weeks to can get the sweet one, it’s early to pick them.
So I want to share with you some pictures which I took them with my iPhone, and I hope you like them.






And voila am collecting the red guavas in my Moroccan hate with my big bellly, 😂, I hope you enjoyed with me these pictures!!!

All photos are mine and original!

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Thank you very much!


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Very nice pictures. Masha Allah cute daugther. I miss these outing a lot. Such a long time i hvnt eaten these. My sister makes nice jam with them or simply enjoyed it with some disel piment


Hi dear! We want to make them salad but they are not sweet , I enjoy when I go to pick them , but this time I m feeling tired because of my pregnancy, my daughter was so happy, thank you very much for your such a good compliments.


Insha Allah you have a good and easy delivery. I guess not long to go now. Hope your daughter is excited to see her new baby


Amen dear! My daughter feels jealous, every time asking me , who love more me or my brother? I tell her I like you more than him , but she start asked me when I get the baby 👶 hahaha!