Granny's campsite makeover.

in #outdoors2 years ago

Had this all loaded up and ready to go for this morning, gravel, wheelbarrow, rocks for lining the garden and paths, manure and a few shovels.

How it looked before we started.



These next two pictures are a bit harder to see.
This here is her fireplace.

And this one here you can see her atv tire planter.

This is where Granny was tripping on all the roots, we shoveled lots of gravel into this spot to get it mostly level and bordered the trail with the bigger rocks.


Here the ground was slanted inward to the garden so we added some bigger rocks on top of the few she had there to enhance the border and so that when we added the gravel along it, it would be nice and level.

Both of her garden/flower boxes got a covering of manure.


Had to go get another load of gravel.

We had loaded and dumped three loads of gravel.




We had strung a 68ft string of little solar lights along the back of her camper, the side of it up to the deck, around the bottom of the deck, along the side to the front of the camper and still had enough that I pushed them between the camper and deck. Now she will have all of her steps and deck illuminated from the bottom. I didn't get a pic of that though....

Granny will be making her way out sometime today and she will see what we have done to her lot, she will LOVE it!!
There was even a good sized pile of the rocks we used to line her path left over, so I am sure that will keep her busy this summer trying to make a new lil flower box or something with them.

Here is Granny enjoying the teeny tiny wood stove we had installed in her camper for her last year.



Love it! You hooked granny up! I am sure she will love it! Great job you guys!

Y'all did a awesome landscaping job for her.. it looks great 👍👍

Thanks, she absolutely loved it!

It looks cold still where you are! 😍 summer heat has taken over where I’m from!

Love the makeover!

Thanks, it took a good day to get it done.
The ice is still on the lakes, it should be gone soon though so it's definitely starting warming up. I can't wait to get my garden in!!


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