Done gravelling my flower box....but more gravel?!?! ;)

in #outdoors2 years ago (edited)

Jay and Dallas went out to check the ice situation in hopes of bringing the old boat back, we can use it on another lake we frequently fish.

While they were gone I dumped the gravel we go the night before into my flower box.

Looks great! It will be a lot less maintenance, I plan on adding two more Junipers on each end.



Big bear tracks the guys seen on the way into the cabin

The logging guys had left a few pallets off to the side of the trail that Jay and Dallas had to use to get across the creek/beaver dam.


(this is where the loggers had the bridge placed this past winter)

Well, Jay and Dallas made it on to the lake but it was quite sketchy in some spots, they figured they could have still made it but Dallas had broken the frame on his quad and didn't want to make it worse hauling a boat. So they limped back to the truck and just aborted the idea of getting that boat out this year.

When the guys got back they got out the welder and welded up the frame.

Snoopy 😂
he normally has them stuck in his tail, sometimes I can't find him forever and he is in the middle of them stuck there by his tail, lol.

Jay, Sienna and I went down to the campground to check out Granny's seasonal campsite, to see what we can do with her always tripping on roots.


Sienna sitting by the lake, checking out the ice.

I've got an idea for Granny's!!

Gravel!! 😉

Loaded up a nice load of gravel for her campsite, grabbed a pail of manure for her lil garden/flower beds. It's going to be an amazing surprise!! 😃

Stay tuned for the end result of Granny's finished campsite!



Your flower bed looks great!

It has changed so many times since we brought in the big rocks, hopefully, it will be 100% DONE and maintenance free this year. I just have to pick up two more Junipers to add on the ends.

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