Our Steem From The Inner Blocks Discord May 29 Recording

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Wednesday afternoon @clixmoney brought the On Steem show to The Inner Blocks discord. The topic for the day was Communities. Community leaders and representatives were there to introduce their community and talk about it. It was a great discussion.

Here is the recording:

The Communities we learned more about were:

@steemitbloggers — Power House Creatives — @zekepickleman
@steembasicincome — Steem Basic Income — @josephsavage
@freewritehouse — Free Write House — @mariannewest
@steemsavvy — Steem Savvy — @mytechtrail
@onelovedtube — One Luv DTube — @priyanarc
@bdcommunity — BD Community — @blind-spot
@dtubeforum — DTube Forum — @roger.remix
@theinnerblocks — The Inner Blocks — @freedompoint
@ramblingradio — The Ramble — @shadowspub

Each of the community accounts and @clixmoney received 100 SHADE from me to allow them to use it for rewarding their participants for sharing and engagement.

Next week, it will be in The Ramble discord on Wednesday June 5th at 2pm EDT / 6pm UTC.

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Next Witness Chat:

the ramble

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Thanks to all communities leaders who participated.

First of all big thanks to @ShadowsPub who recorded the show.

Thanks to @FreedomPoint who let us host the show on ''The Inner Blocks'', @ZekePickleman who represented @steemitbloggers , @josephsavage who represented @steembasicincome, @mariannewest from @freewritehouse , @My Technology Trail from @steemsavvy , @priyanarc who presented us @onelovedtube , @blind-spot from @bdcommunity , @Roger Remix who talked about @dtubeforum .

That was really great thanks everyone we will see you at the next one in ''The Ramble'' at the same time ❤️


Was my pleasure. So great to discover other great groups and work together with the leaders on the blockchain.

One Love for @clixmoney for putting us together.


Exactly, We Will Get There Together ❤️


Copy pasting what I wrote in discord ? Who is doing that ?


Sorry my friend I @d00k13 took what I was relayed thinking it was intended as a comment not realizing it was a copy paste my bad 🤗

As always your words are perfectly stated!


We already tagged everybody in the post. No need to do that again.

Thanks a lot for the record. It was really a great meeting with a lot of vibes from different steem communities. Let's make ''Our Steem Network'' even stronger, more useful and spread all the great work done for our blockchain.

You are also doing a great thing by hosting so many shows in ''The Ramble''. I'm really thankful to you for what you are doing for our steem community. I think we will all have a big future in this awesome platform. ☺

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