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RE: Somber Day

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Nice posts and great photos. It's a pity that, since WWII, the American people allowed the US Government from being the good guys to terrorists. Now it's the US that needs to be stopped on their plans for world domination.

Oh, and congrats on your @esteemapp upvote. They have become an endangered species lately.


Yeah, they come and go, esteem has hooked me up twice in a row now. Right place at the right time I guess.

US and world domination—I’m sure nobody wants to read this but every country with a Rothschild bank on their territory is the terrorist. Everyone who points their finger at the TV should maybe consider pointing it at the ATM screen next time they do a cash withdrawal.

Anyone who believes the American people are responsible for Cambridge Analytica is watching the wrong screen. And anyone who believes America is the only country with a Rothschild ATM hasn’t been paying attention to their own financial institution.

There I go again.. saying what I think. Thank you, @trincowski, for saying what you think. And thanks for your continued support man, have a great week. Don’t be a stranger.