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It's amazing how immaculately-kept these war memorials and graveyards are kept. I have been to many in France and Belgium (World War One memorials) and it never failed to amaze me how well-kept they were.

It's also always very sombre of course as you say. I went to an Australian memorial in Polygon Wood, a memorial for the 5th Australian Division and the woods surrounding the site were, for lack of a better word, eerie. So many died there...We wandered the wood, in and out of the German bunkers that lay there still - Huge concrete monoliths, but broken and decaying...So sad a place. It was the only one that gave me a strong sense of disquiet.

At the top of the Australian War Memorial in Villers-Bretonneux, France is a tall tower that people can climb...Once there one has a sweeping 360° view of the fields around that once were killing-fields. In the second world war it was used as a snipers position and one can see bullet holes in its walls from where the snipers were shot at...Funny how history repeats and humans never seem to learn from the mistakes of the past.

We spent a week on the Western Front and not a day went by in which we were't shedding a tear for our Aussie soldiers, and indeed all who fell in that war and the second also. Very emotional.

This cemetery and memorial you went to looks amazing and I imagine also that your visit possibly brought emotions to you. Nice post. Thank you.


Man! Just as your articles, sir, this was a well written response. I wanted to leave you a quick reply because my wife is rushing me out the door to enjoy a cup of coffee on our last day here but know that I’ll be back.

Thank you for this comment, @galenkp, God bless you and Faith. I’ll return later this afternoon with a more deserving response.

Thanks sir, you're welcome...It was a good post worthy of a better comment than I left actually. War history is a hobby of mine, mainly Australian war history but in researching that I always come across other histories as well. Thanks for responding and now...

Got get some coffee with your hottie! (Sort of rhymes huh) 😄

I'm off to bed...First day back at work for the year in 8 hours...🙈

I’m back, just like that, not so much a flash but back is back as a matter of fact. Nah.. I didn’t notice your rhyme at all.

Quickly, are the French as rude as Italians? Dang, @galenkp, the people around here are pretty bad, they can’t even walk cordially, it’s pretty bad. I never knew a culture where children and old ladies think it’s customary to shoulder check you on the sidewalk. To be more specific—“underwhelming.” Thank you @tarazkp for calling this dude over here, I love these kind of responses. Since I got you, thanks again for the curation, sir!

I first used “depressing” as we exited the memorial, it was my wife who switched it to somber or, sombre, depending where you’re geographically located. Thank you for describing your experience, I read it as though I was right there. About repeated mistakes, man, I often find myself wondering when Jesus is going to come fix this mess. Depressing,somberly, emotional, all of them work. When a memorial plot is a “thank you,” as beautifully kept as they are, I believe there’s something seriously wrong with that picture.

I was just saying to someone else who had no issues calling the US a terrorist that theres a dude named Rothschild running their country too. I was just trying to share this memorial experience without pointing fingers—I hope I achieved that. I’m a true believer in it’s not the people that are the issue, it’s the people in power. Hopefully I’m not wrong in believing if more people pointed their finger at the reflection in the ATM screen each time they do a cash withdrawal and less time pointing it at the TV screen, maybe an article regarding a memorial in celebration for 7,858 oxygen breathing human beings would’ve never been written.

Nah.. that memorial didn’t get me emotional at all, @galenkp, can you tell?

Thanks a lot for your support, sir, and thanks for drawing out this winded response. Have a great week, don’t be a stranger.

We have found a couple of rude people in both France and Italy, although nothing I would call out of the ordinary. Shoulder-checking people...I think it's common through society as people feel that they have the right of way simply because they are there...On the planet. That feeling of entitlement has permeated every aspect of society it seems. We always start each conversation off in the language of the country and so we tend to find people more receptive; They soon learn we are not locals and either speak more slowly or in english. It's worked so far.

There's many ignorant people out there though, and whilst I try to avoid them, sometimes we cross paths. I don't like it when we do. Still, I can't change them so I make sure I live my best version of life and leave them to their own de(vices).

I was just trying to share this memorial experience without pointing fingers—I hope I achieved that.

You did, in my mind anyway.

I think you've mentioned one of the biggest problems with society these days...It never wants to look at itself in the mirror...People don't. It easier to find someone to blame than look at oneself and find fault there...It's better for the ego. Blame is negative but it seems blame is the new black, or at least easier that ownership and responsibility. Blame is fashionable, as is the feeling of entitlement.

Have yourself a good week.

Danget, @galenkp! You’re such a good responder I’m unable to split without saying we’re boarding a plane in a few hours and I’m about to jump in the shower. But know I appreciate this response so much that I’ll be coming back (again).

Thank you for being cool! Talk to you soon.

Get your ass in the shower or you might miss that plane!

Catch you on the flip-side. (That means later.)

Safe and sound in England, @galenkp. I just read your responses again. For the record, feel free to do that any time cuz they sure are a fresh way to wake up! Thanks once again for your support. You, too, @tarazkp, I’m glad I caught both of your attention with this one. Does the “kp” part mean ya’all are related? 🤔

See you guys soon. Enjoy the rest of your week fellas.

Great to hear that you've made it back to old Blighty safe and sound. Now get Pura better so you can start travelling again! 😄

Yes, tarazkp is my younger, but much smarter, brother. Born on the same day but 9 years apart.

Thank you kindly for the well wishes. Man, I can’t wait to update you with good news. We’re actually headed to a general practitioner in about three hours.

The same day?! That’s fascinating!! Eh, one of my best friends shares his birthday with his daughter, this is only the second time I’ve heard of such a thing—frikkin incredible!

Ps—if you weren’t so good at responses I wouldn’t feel so got dang obliged to do what I just did!

We're twins spaced years apart. 🙈

Great that you can make it or the doc so quickly. That's if you can make it out of Heathrow that quickly.