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RE: Somber Day

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After the disrespect being shown back in the USA by university students for those who died for them to be free and their contempt for the Stars and Stripes, for the whole world to see, even though I am not an American, it really pleases me to see there are still decent people who appreciate the sacrifices and who love their flag.


This is a really nice comment, @arthur-grafo8–thank you!

Humans, myself included, are quick to judge. Speaking on my own behalf only, I wish I was just as quick to see the good in people as I am the bad. On that note, however, when I saw this memorial site, I wasn’t quick to judge anyone and just felt like sharing what we discovered having no intention of releasing a Steemit article. We actually saw a lot of cool things yesterday and I didn’t take any pictures at all until stumbling across this memorial.

I tried writing it without pointing fingers and rather just stating facts of actual events, I hope it came across that way. About the students back home, if they only knew the message they’re sending, they’re eating out of the hand of media fed negativity when they should just appreciate what they have with an understanding it isn’t the people who create problems, it’s the people in power. I’m probably just being a naturally judgy human by writing this, though, so I should probably stop now.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and thank you kindly for the nice compliment.