You can fail even if you're an experienced developer or how I broke oSteem source codesteemCreated with Sketch.

in osteem •  last year

Ups, I did it again!

Actually I think this is the first time (when I remember) when I broke an app because I forget to commit it on Git...

broke code oSteem 2.jpg

and of course at this moment I'm not able to remember how looks the working version code.

DON'T forget to commit your code when your code works. Otherwise you'll regret!!! :)

Work! Work! Work!
Back to work!

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Oops! Happens to the best of us, just this evening I forgot to commit a working piece of code and refactored it into a broken piece of crap. Thankfully WebStorm keeps a local history of your changes, but it's still annoying.

Good luck fixing it all!


Yep. :))

I hate those moments!


I know. :))

Hey! That's the wallpaper I use on MY computer, don't steal it.
That's ALL I use that computer for.....:()


You're right! This is not the real error. :)


I think you forgot to put an "&HCF" in line 50...

woahhhhh amazing