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Dolphin observed in Oslo

in oslo •  10 months ago

Bygdøy and the maritime museum to the left, Frognerkilen in the middle ... the smallest sea mammal I've ever seen, must be a dolphin. Unfortunately, no zoom on my telephone.

It's the first time I've observed mammals in the inner Oslo fjord. Oh, edit, I've seen humans and dogs swimming in the sea (though, mostly at summer time - only twice I've seen people swimming in the winter time). Even saw a moose swimming once, but that was in the outer Oslo fjord.

Full image on IPFS QmTNR5yvtV16AJHcq6LgLPJ3nxcUnieN8RxPJukrTFoHKr

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Wow I never saw dolphins in the wild. Always wanted to see and even better swim with them once. I guess it must feel magical to see them nearby for the first time.. Never knew you could spot them in Oslo, though :) Thanks for sharing!


In some way it's better to look at them in captivity - because in the wild all you see is the tailfin every now and then. Though, I've had some few interesting encounters with mammals.

Once was in my first dhingy, a small 10-feet open glassfibre boat. I was out right outside my home in Tromsø when I heard ... breathing! It was some small mammals, but much bigger than this dolphin, could have been minke whale. Three of them. I rowed closer and was wondering where they went - and then suddenly one of them came up right next to me. At once I felt so vulnerable - those animals were much bigger than the boat I was sitting in!

Next time, same spot. I had bought a sail boat, and I was working on building a mooring for it, when suddenly someone was staring at me! It was a head sticking up from the water! A seal.


I observed it again today, right north of Nakholmen. I partly wanted to go closer and get a better photo, but I was there with noisy engine and didn't want to stress it.


Wow love these kind of stories! Must be amazing to live there if you come across all kinds of animals.. Pretty cool, I love nature too and I would be so excited if I would spot whales or dolphins. Now I think about a whale bigger than the boat is kind of scary too lol..

Sitting near these waves is the best feeling ever.

A very beautiful view, captured Perfectly.