Poem about how we have let Facebook become Big Brother we always feared in 1984

in #orwell3 years ago (edited)

"Orwell decreed, in the year forty eight
A collectivist society that we all would hate
Government surveillance, incessant control
Life without freedom, death our parole
Subordinate mind set oppressed from afar
A System that monitors where we all are
It knows where we're living, how we spend every day
Observes our activities, should we go astray
Knows all our relations, acquaintances too
Sees what we all look like and all that we do

Sadly, George Orwell was entirely correct
We should have been wary and more circumspect
For whilst we rejoice in new technology
And marvel at all of the things we can see
Did nobody notice the gathering doom
That grew into an elephant right there in the room?
Millions of people all trapped in its sights
Happily recording their wrongs and their rights
Because I bet you would see (to its utter disgrace)
That Big Brother's disguised as a book with a face. "

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