😍 💕 Jungle girl in the big city, day 1, client 1 - "the gentleman" 💕 👄

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My workplace has transferred me to work in Bangkok for a month to start with and the last time I lived there was when I went to high school. During the school years, many of my friends went to freelance places after school and picked up foreigners to get money to buy what they wanted and in general sweeten their lives. I heard many stories about how fun it was but did never myself collect the courage to try it out.

I am not a virgin but also not an experienced slut, have had intercourse with just 3 so I have given it much consideration before taking this decision but have concluded that it is probably the only chance I get to improve my situation, I am not getting younger and with what I have now I am unable to make any savings for when I get old as there is nothing left when the bills are paid every month. Who knows, I might even find a good-hearted foreigner that will fall in love with me, at least this is how many of my friends have found their husbands.

The fact that I have not had a dick inside me for over two years might have clogged my judgment a bit, that I can not completely rule out.

I was really nervous sitting in the taxi on my way to my new career and nearly chickened out but arrived at the freelance venue just before 6 pm, sat down at an available table a bit away from the bar area and ordered a green tea when my first client, a sweet-looking older gentleman, made eye contact and came over asking whether he could sit next to me to which I smiled at him and told him that it would be my pleasure.

Obviously, it wasn't his first meeting, because it didn't take long before he started asking questions at the heart of the matter. We agreed on the terms, oral no condom, intercourse condom, and two hours.

He lived far away (so read married) we then went to a short time hotel he knew would be clean and very close to here.

When we arrived at our room he undressed and went into the shower, I did the same and we took turns washing each other.

He got super hard shortly after I stepped into the shower and he seemed to enjoy the sight of my young slim body and firm breasts, complimenting my silky natural genital hair and puffy nipples several times while eagerly soaping my body and making sure my breasts, in particular, were completely soaped in.

I started to feel turned on by how good he was at massaging my breast while I could feel his hard cock moving gently between my ass cheeks. After what would have been a premium gold treatment in a car wash we rinsed and dried ourselves then went into the double bed where I laid flat on my back with slightly spread legs so he had a good view of my body.

He laid down next to me and started playing with my body, it felt really nice with his strong hands caressing me all over my body and it wasn't long before he was lying and caressing my pussy and shortly after started licking. He was pretty good at it so I stopped him before I came because I was pretty keen to feel his stiff cock and started sucking him which to my surprise he didn't hold for more than a few minutes before moaning and pulling the dick out of my mouth and sprayed a bucketful cum over my breasts. I then licked his cock clean, smiled at him while I took a good amount of sperm from the breasts on my finger, and licked it which I could see almost made his eyes fall out of his head.

I asked why he had taken it out and not come in my mouth and he replied that all those he had been with immediately ran out to the bathroom and he feels it is a bad ending so it is better to spray on the breasts which I agreed to and told him he had to try to see if he could get some more of the sperm on his finger and let me suck his finger clean. It was a huge success as he put all his concentration and energy into it and it really seemed to make him happy.

After he found that there was probably no more sperm he could scrape off my body, we talked a bit about how I had gotten used to swallowing cum, he laughed loudly when I told him that my first boyfriend had convinced me that I had to so I would not get pregnant. He also said that sperm is making my tits grow bigger and is good for the skin. I did actually grow from a B to a C during my first year even that I was losing weight and the pimples in my face had started to disappear so I was quite convinced that it was true and was sucking him off at every opportunity I had what he never complained about.

I went to the bathroom washing the rest of his sperm off my breasts and laid back next to him, started to cuddling his chest while he started playing with my stiff nipples and complimenting them and my breasts. I could see that the dick was coming to life again so I took it in my mouth and it got hard like a rock in no time so I put a condom on his dick with my mouth, a trick that my friend told me about and we have practiced with Mr. Buzz.

I got up wanting to sit and ride him but he put me down and slowly began pushing his stiff cock into my wet pussy and started fucking me in missionary position. I tried to follow the rhythm and squeeze my pussy muscles every time his dick was completely inside and hold it tightly squeezed while making outgoing movements. I had found the rhythm and caressed his back while my legs were firmly locked around his ass in an attempt trying to control him in the right direction. It felt really good and I was super agitated when after 5 to 7 minutes he moaned loudly, trembled, and fell like a dead man on top of me.

We laid like that for what seemed an eternity before he raised his body and pulled his dick out. I do not know if he could see that I was thinking I should have let him make me cum in the beginning but he stroke my cheeks and told me that he got over-excited so he could not hold it back but would try to do better next time.

I was sitting on the bed looking at him cleaning his dick and getting dressed when he took out his wallet and gave me a huge extra tip while telling me that he would most definitely be back looking for me next time he was in town. I got up hugged him and gave him a big kiss on his mouth, told him goodbye and he left with a big smile on his face.

I sat there just processing what had just happened and looked at the time, not even an hour had passed so I decided to get cleaned up and get back to see if I could have any luck again.

This concludes my first entry in my log, the other two clients for my first day were "the creep" and "the Roman well-hung stallion" but I am not sure if any have interest in reading about it so if you like me to continue please leave a comment.


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