Where is the Galaxy?

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Gaia, the garden of eden, another name for planet EARTH. Galaxy = Gaia's Key. Gaia's key is in Orion's belt. But it is not just in the Orion's belt - it is in the POP POP of Orion's belt. That would be Lord Shiva, or Yah, or the Terminator.

Pop pop is also code for traveling through a tunnel. The key to planet earth is held by beings who live on Orion. They are responsible for destruction on this planet. They are also responsible for creation and preservation. They are the creators of the pyramids in Giza.


What is phi? What is 51'50? What are these angles?

A look into these will help you understand how time travel may be possible. Here are some images that can help you visualize how one may travel from Orion to Earth using a resonant structure.


The pyramids line up at certain angles with the belt. At these times there is a direct connection into the pyramid's center. This happens at twilight of the belt.


Here you can see various structures lining up with Orion's belt.


Here is the grand canyon lining up with Orion.

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