XAYA: The new age of the blockchain gaming

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Xaya is a business concept within the on line games sector, based on the blockchain that is innovating in the way of playing in virtual reality, for multiplayer and multiple worlds. A revolution in the new age of online games.




In 2013, the Xaya team (formerly Chimaera), conceptualized and executed the first massive multiplayer decentralized game project, built in blockchain, with the use of Chi, the first multi algo cryptocurrency, permissible for human mining. We talk about the game "Huntercoin", which is still active and functioning, managing to capitalize to date more than 10 million US $. The success of this game has motivated the Xaya team to develop a platform without servers, an extensive variety of games with millions of players.

What is Xaya?


Xaya is a decentralized platform, since it is based on Blockchain, which means that it is not hosted on a server but on multiple nodes or computers that register their contents, created game universes, data and everything required for the multigame system, with multiple players, and sensorship resistant.

The platform also constitutes an asset management system, in which players will have real ownership of their items online, sharing the profit potential that the developers have created. This will be done with the ability to change your assets online in real value with the use of cryptocurrencies through simple and secure exchanges and shares of your products online. This feature of Xaya generates loyalty of the players to the gaming platform. The transactions that are made with the assets that are generated in the system are fraud proof, guaranteeing the users The payment processing is simple, reliable and without the need to resort to third parties to execute them.

Huntercoin: Innovation through experience



In Huntercoin, players create a "hunter" in the blockchain and all movements are recorded. Each node calculates the positions and state of the game in each block. Very similar to how smart contracts work in Ethereum, but published before it existed.

The learning curve achieved with Huntercoin, has allowed to develop competitive advantages to attract more players and create more and new games. In the words of Andrew Colosimo, CEO of Xaya, the games of the new generation of this platform have achieved the following advantages:

  • They are demonstrably fair
  • They have decentralized and autonomous environments
  • True Item Ownership and fair acquisition
  • They have a 24/7 uptime
  • Play to win game experience
  • The trade is fraud proof

Main features of Xaya


The main attributes of Xaya are the following:

Human mining

In Huntercoin, the emerging genre of Human mining was introduced for the first time, in which block chains are propagated and rewards are distributed based on the success of players competing in online games.

Ungrounded Reality (DR)

DRs are unstoppable virtual worlds where there is no central authority. The status of the worlds are computed by all involved in it.

Atomic Trading

The experience of the Xaya team through its work at Namecoin in 2013: has allowed it to develop the exchange of game elements, game currencies and complete game accounts for Chi without the possibility of fraud, which guarantees its demand.

Game Channels

With game channels, multiple players can participate in unlimited games and in real time, all this trustless gameplay. This is possible to its peer-to-peer networks very similar to a gamified Lightning networks.


Being designed from the ground up with game channel technology, the transactions within the game worlds are unlimited. Game channels register movements in private side chains. Digital signatures and hash string structures testify that the movements, so that they can not be fraudulent or reversed. When players agree on the outcome of the game, the rewards will be distributed through transactions with multiple signatures. If the players do not agree, the data in the side chain allows a player with evidence to prove his claim and receive what corresponds to him.

Types of games supported


Players and game developers can build or access in Xaya, a variety of games such as:

  • Collectible card games
  • Real-time strategy games (RTS) / Multiplayer online battle scenarios (MOBA)
  • Turn-based games

XAYA – Featured games


Xaya is planning success in the launch of two important games: "Treat Fighter" and "Soccer Manager".

Treat Fighter is a game set in the world of Canedoom. Cook your best treatment fighters and compete with others in the battle. The game will run completely in the blockchain. With the nodes acting as servers, players can expect 100% uptime in this genre of hand-crafted games.


Soccer Manager is a soccer team management game. In this game offers players an equitable game and a real property of the resources in the game. The assets in the game include money, players, stadiums and much more.


Play and trade with own cryptocurrency: Chi


Being built in blockchaim, the Xaya platform is generated in the development of the games and the participation of the players, the cryptocurrency Chi. By democratizing the development of the game, Xaya will create pressure for the high performance of its currency, called Chi, simply through the demand of the developers so that their games have a high participation of players. If the games have good demand, you can expect a greater appreciation and growth of the currency.



Xaya is a business concept within the on line games sector, based on the blockchain that is innovating in the way of playing in virtual reality, for multiplayer and multiple worlds. The experience developed since 2013 with its first game, Huntercoin, has allowed it to evolve into paid games with its own cryptocurrency and developing many attractive advantages for its users and developers, in high security, reliable and fair environments for its assets. A revolution in the new age of online games.

For more information watch this short video!


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