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In our days we have observed how digital technology has grown, there is a large number of business and merchants involved with the market of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and etherium and these are handled through electronic commerce with digital contracts , where those involved are usually at long distances doing it quickly and safely due to the chain of blocks (Blockchain).

But it is not a secret that this technology, in spite of its advances, has in some cases presented faults in privacy and speed, making some systems untrustworthy, however, users continue to risk their business with this technology since it is the best of them. last times

Well, the time has come to have more confidence in blockchain technology through BUMO a technology that offers totally decentralized and ubiquitous applications.



It is a technology that aims to generate confidence to all users by offering a network with a capacity for freedom at the moment when the value flows.
Because of its great speed and great system it can offer to those who develop a reliable infrastructure where they can work with their applications in a safe way, this system adopts a series of known easy-to-use languages ​​for the developers.
It also provides a wallet easy to handle and portable to its customers.

BUMO is a new chain of blocks that focuses on working with the commercial commercial category where the management of their data or value transfer is carried out reliably and ubiquitously. it means that it can be present in several applications of the network at the same time.
Its reliability is based on the fact that users have their own access keys for their assets, it has a free flow value and applications to share in public.





The token of BUMO mobilizes its users to the goal of building the industrial ecosystem that will benefit both users and partners, and also promotes and governs the system representing and value and the transfers.

The BUMO Global Ambassadors Project takes the initiative to attract Community Leaders, Blockchain and KOL Industry Experts to join BUMO's global ecosystem, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of the BUMO ecosystem. The Global Ambassadors take the missions, make the contribution and obtain incentives accordingly. The Global Ambassadors will enjoy the enormous benefits of the rapid development of BUMO as the world's leading public broadcaster, and will also have the opportunity to request the Global SuperNodes of BUMO in the near future.
The time has come to implement Blockchain in the real business, and more and more business scenarios will be built in Blockchain to grow a new business model. The Global Ambassadors of BUMO will have the opportunity to participate deeply in this trend to change the industry and witness the arrival of a new future.
Global Ambassadors will receive the BU Token valued at 500-5K USD as a reward if these Global Ambassadors find, recommend and help the team of developers to win the prize for the code review task. To obtain the award for the developer team, see https://codereview.bubi.cn/index for more information.
The BU token will be awarded to the Global Ambassadors for promoting the BUMO brand, holding events, interacting with the developer team and completing other tasks. Two categories of Incentives, Base Incentive plus Incentives for the accomplishment of tasks will be applied. And there is NO upper limit for this Incentive System.



BUMO is based on building an infrastructure on the internet that can move value through central technologies such as BU Firework, BU Orbits, BU Canal and BU CodeMach.




It has an expert team and responsible expert of this system.

Team 1.PNG

Team 2.PNG



Socios e inversores.PNG



BUMO It is a great advantage for this time that the blockchain is the best technology for transactions and any type of operation of intelligent contracts in the virtual, are committed to making the better infrastructure bringing hope and confidence in a ubiquitous and fast way.

buno 2.PNG

More about BUMO

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