BEAM a reliable and effective currency

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BEAM a reliable and effective currency




Currently there is a variety of currencies and applications to perform transactions and most of these programs keep a complete record of user operations and are visible to other users, there is no privacy for the user as many people can enter and review the account of other users, since there is a total record of operations.

BEAM offers to manage your capital with privacy without storing visible information to others.




BEAM is a next generation confidential cryptocurrency based on an elegant and innovative design
MimbleWimble protocol

The things that make BEAM special include:
● Users have full control over privacy: the user decides what information will be
available and to which parties, having complete control over your personal data in
according to his will and the applicable laws.
● Confidentiality without penalty: confidential transactions do not cause swelling in BEAM
of the chain of blocks, avoiding an excessive computational overload or a penalty
performance or scalability while completely hiding the transaction value.
● Trust configuration is not required
The blocks are extracted using the Equihash work test algorithm
● Limited emissions using a periodic division in half with a total amount of coins ~ 210 million
● There are no addresses stored in the block chain, there is no information about the
The sender or receiver of a transaction is stored in the chain of blocks.
● Superior scalability through the compact size of the block chain: using the cutting characteristic of
The MimbleWimble BEAM block chain has orders of magnitude smaller than any other
implementation of blockchain.
● BEAM supports many types of transactions, such as escrow transactions, blocked time
Atomic swaps transactions and more.
● No prejudice. No ICO. Backed by a treasure, issued from each block during the first five
● Implemented from scratch in C ++ by a team of professional developers.


Privacy is a fundamental key for the user in the blockchain, I consider it one of the main features that these applications must offer to maintain the confidence of the owner of the account

BEAM offers users an effective and totally reliable performance thanks to the technology and privacy provided by the program.

Comparison of BEAM with other Blocks of Blocks


It has some great features such as:


Transactions are reliable and private, the system does not save the user's data when performing the operation.


The "Script Script" technology allows to perform a variety of transactions without time limits.


Through open source, 20% of the rewards are destined to encourage the development and promotion of BEAM


People can have the application as a mobile wallet on their computers and mobile devices, in this way they will use it at the desired time.

These are some characteristics for which the user must trust BEAM and use it as a mobile wallet to safeguard their information and savings.

Some benefits

All the users want to have privacy in each one of the movements that they carry out through their personal account and to choose the security level of the account is great the benefits

  • Hide the value of the account
  • Hide the amount of transactions made and sometimes receiver addresses
  • be able to program the account so that it only shows only basic information

Privacy is very important for users who handle a quantity of Bitcoin, since hiding their operations will be a bit more difficult to locate the user and thus will not put their savings at risk.

The creation of blocks will help the system maintain privacy and the massive storage of data and transactions in this way helps the system to be more efficient as well as having control over privacy and maintaining the appropriate block sizes in this way avoids the over system load since all the information will be stored in small blocks to protect the privacy of the accounts and the equipment.

Mimblewimble offers you

(a) Confidential transactions.
(b) Reduction of transactions.
Mimblewimble allow users to send and receive money safely and privately.

It is important that users maintain the privacy of their accounts and transactions made from their wallet, using the Mimblewimble system in this way will not be scratchable and avoid being a victim of fraud.






It has a good team for its execution and operation with a lot of capacity to make this project succeed.










It is a new financial system that offers, through the blockchain, the storage of transaction data in a private, efficient and easy way.

This new system will make the storage of Bitcoin safer since it combines the transactions in blocks. A great idea as any user wants to have their private accounts.

With all its features and benefits, it can be highlighted that BEAM is a reliable, safe and effective currency.



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