Xaya: The Next Generation Blockchain Inspired Gaming Platform

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We all know the emotions, attention, attraction, excitement, and unity gaming/gaming activities brings to an individual or group of people. Although games/gaming is a way of life to people from around the world, with great community, massive adoption etc , the gaming sector is an area yet to be fully tapped and utilized to its full potential as far as decentralization and blockchain are concerned.

With millions of games around the world, how would it feel like to have all of them make use of a blockchain driven technology and also make them decentralized? I bet your answer would be similar to what i have in mind. Giving gamers the freedom, security, desire, positive vibes, great expectations and opportunities in a decentralized world backed by a blockchain driven technology, then it is safe to say that "There will be prosperity in the land" .

All these, leads us to introduction of a great gaming platform which combines the solidity, ruggedity and security that accompanies blockchain tech with the distributive nature, flexibility and transparency offered by decentralization into the creation of a platform greatly inspired for gaming/game-related activities known as XAYA.

What Is Xaya All About?

Xaya is a decentralized platform with a foundation based on blockchain that allows for the interaction,creation and developments of games for users, developers or investors without the need of having infrastrures or centralized servers or massive financial requirements for their operations. It has a cryptocurrency of its own known as Chimarea

In Summary

Name: Xaya
Cryptocurrency : Chimaera(chi)
Blockchain and Decentralised
Platform : Gaming
Target : Gamers, Developers And Investors

Lets take a few steps back in the past when they(the xaya team) first brought about idea about this subject.

The First Ever Vision -Huntercoin

A few years back, 2013 to be precise, the team behind Xaya brought to limelight; The first ever multiplayer game that ran on blockchain technology, brought decentralization, a system that hosted multi algo currencies, made mining crypto a possibility for users on the platform via gaming activities.

Problem Definition

This affects two groups of people, namely;


We live in an ever changing world where the hungers, desires, sustainability, and demands of gamers are on the increase. Xaya aims to make this platform very rich in terms of the accessibility and availability of specific games to users or gamers.


Due to the stumbling blocks/hindrances most developers face, in terms of finances and infrastructure, visions and dreams of great minds(developers) may become blurry and may end up being just an idea that failed to materialise. In this case scenario, Xaya comes in to help ease the processes involved or required for this developments to take shape. In a layman's words, Xaya will provide a platform to help developers make their visions, goals and ideas (e.g game programming) a reality through the vast amount of tools at their disposal.

Soon To Be Released Games On Xaya

One of the aims/goals of xaya is to fill up its platform with loads and loads of games. At the moment, there are works being done for the release of two games, namely;

Treat Fighter

In a world of competition where time beign spent is duely rewarded, each player is entitled to create their best fighter if they would ever wish to conquer!

Soccer Manager

Soccer manager has gained and won the hearts of millions of players from around the world, as a result making it a favourite amongst gamers. With xaya and the developers of this game(soccer manager) teaming up, there would be a massive influx of users or players on the xaya platform. Xaya in partnership with the makers of this game, Xaya aims to reward time spent playing and also bringing true ownership of assets for its users. Assets could be in the form of stadium/stadia, funds, kits, football players and lots more.

Supported Games On Xaya :

Role Playing games, multiplayer games, Card games etc

Xaya Token Sale is Live At The Moment

To participate, click Xaya Token Sale


Xaya Is all in to making their goals and objectives a reality by distributing real value to users, gamers, developers or investors through the vast amount of tools, games/softwares embedded on its Blockchain not ignoring security, reliability or fluidity of all operations on the block chain.

For More Information About Xaya, Here Are Direct Links To Them On Different Social Networks

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Interesting, gaming and blockchain's the future, combined, can it get any better?


Hell yeah! Introducing gaming to crypto tends to attract lots of peeps (mostly those whose interest is strictly gaming) as a result, mass adoption kicks in,leading to increase in value.