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Although the blockchain is a safe and reliable ecosystem, when we speak of digital markets or financial markets, both are equally at risk from hacker attacks. We have all heard how companies and people have been affected by cyber attacks where their passwords have been stolen and their assets stolen.

Goldilock was born to solve the way in which assets and information are protected on the internet. It is a revolutionary new way to store data on the internet with the construction of an ecosystem that protects the cryptocurrencies and assets of companies and individuals.

Goldilock is a new type of cold storage where companies and individuals access their cryptocurrencies or assets only when they need them. When a user needs to access their private data, the physical device that stores the information will be connected to the Internet and the user will be granted access for a limited time through non-IP technology, with layers of secure authentication.

Goldilock will use the NEO platform and both are the best combination to build the Goldilock ecosystem.

Source of Image WhitePaper, Page 5

Goldiclok uses the "physical air gap disconnection" method. This means that the devices that store data are physically disconnected from the internet, which guarantees the security of the data and that these can not be hacked.


Current Storage Methods


Exchange houses or online wallets, do not provide enough security to their users because they have no idea how their cryptocurrencies are stored in these sites and these could have security flaws and be attacked by hackers to steal their assets.

Centralized storage methods remove control of the private keys of the wallet custodian or exchange private keys.

Personal Cold Storage

This option is preferred by the majority because it gives you the security of storing your data outside the Internet and hacker attacks. Apparently it is the best because it allows you to store your data on any device or paper, but the drawback of this method is that the devices used to store the data can be damaged, lost, damaged or broken, losing all the data. In addition, to implement this method the user must have technological knowledge and without a physical device the data is inaccessible.


Goldilock application

There are many applications where Goldilock can be used from users to store sensitive information, store cryptocurrencies and financial or health information. For institutions and applications where safety is a priority.

With Goldilock it will be possible the massive adoption between companies and individuals to give them the security of cold storage merged with hot storage. The convenience of having your data stored offline and the combination of having online accessibility when you need it at the time you want.


The sources of the images were taken from the official Goldilock website and modified with PowerPoint


LOCK Token

Godilock will use a utility token called "LOCK", which will be registered as an asset of NEP-5 in the blockchain NEO.

Users will buy LOCK tokens that, combined with the logic of Goldilock's intelligent contract, will allow the storage of cryptocurrency keys and other digital assets.

The LOCK token is necessary to access the Goldilock wallet.

The LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of their activity on the nodes, in addition to keeping the data and information of the users encrypted and out of reach even from Goldilock.

Source of Image WhitePaper, Page 10

Goldilock chose the NEO network for the LOCK token because we share the same vision and philosophy regarding the blockchain. Its focus on Governance and Compliance, Digital Assets, Digital Identity and Intelligent Contracts makes it the perfect platform for the Goldilock Security Suite ecosystem and ensures that NEO investments will continue to grow and evolve the Goldilok ecosystem.


Distribution of Token LOCK

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Interesting article @neiraurdaneta, it is a bit short, but you explained major features of Goldilock in a clearly way. Pleasant read :)

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