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This is a sponsored writing contest entry.

When scrolling through webpages on the internet, you find that many pages are so cluttered with ads that the webpage in question consists more of ads than actual content. This is because online advertising providers squeeze as much money as they can out of publishers and advertisers alike. They sit inbetween advertisers and publishers, connecting them to each other, taking large cuts of the money involved. Obviously there are better ways to arrange this. 

Organizing the world of advertising in a way which cuts out any middleman, and instead ensures that all the money advertisers pay goes straight to the publisher – and not through a corporation, which takes a cut of their money – would be the ideal way of doing this. Providing ads in a format that doesn't corrupt webpages with clickbait would be a dream come true. 

KindAds achieves all of this. It provides a decentralized network, which no one corporation controls – and as such censorship cannot be achieved. It means that publishers don't get exploited, and forced to sell valuable space on their websites for meager amounts of money – which fail to reflect the actual value of how much the space on publisher's websites is actually worth. 

In short, it provides all the benefits that big corporations do to both publisher and advertisers alike – namely connecting them together – but it doesn't take a big cut of the money for itself. 


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