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Goldilock - Digital Security

Kind readers We all know that the new technologies that are imposed by the internet, make some businesses reconvert, adapt, or become extinct. Likewise, natural persons or legal entities, who honestly administer their business and other financial activities that have an impact on having to use these virtual spaces continuously to store their digital data and all information of personal value, need reliable services that provide them with full security that your digital documents are completely safeguarded and without the risk of being stolen or copied by other users who enter these internet systems to commit fraud. The security of the data is vital for the user and every service company for the storage of digital data must and is in the total conviction of offering an efficient and effective service as it offers Goldilock.

It is my wish to show you that Goldilock has the priority in the category of correct and secure storage of the keys for the handling and administration of cryptocurrencies. In addition, it will set the exact pattern in providing the solution that "...will change the way people store cryptocurrencies and confidential digital information...". The digital universe that is constantly growing and generates technological changes to improve Internet services, presents the blockchain technology as the best reference that becomes part of the solution of the different problems that lead to the continuous use of these digital services. There he enters into full action Goldilock, with his debut of his product in the 2T, launching his functional platform from the second quarter of the year 2018. Generating the new era of integration, which perfectly relates its two main characteristics: accessibility and security. Your product provides a remote and physical disconnection of data recorded on the Internet, taking advantage of the authentication of multiple factors, biometrics, all the triggers of non-IP regressive technologies, and cryptography that changes the burden of keeping wallets safe and far away of user’s plagiarists of information. The platform is physically segregated for the security of digital data that is revolutionizing the way of storing data with the creation of a protective ecosystem of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, which is offered as a service to all natural persons and legal organizations.

Goldilock has the vision that serves as the basis for the reasoning that:

“…your data should not be physically connected to the internet when you are not using it, but it should be available to the user from anywhere immediately when you want to access them…”

In all situations in which the technology "Goldilok Security Suite" is used, it presents favorable opinions on its effectiveness and efficiency, which is changing the processes and rules of how personal data are stored online; not only in the area of cryptocurrencies, but also their services are praised in companies such as: banks or credit agencies that manipulate or manage digital values, health care companies that have the confidential and legal data of their patients, various groups of administration in digital rights and independent encryption holders. These services originate the varied provision of the following activities:

Crypto Exchanges

Although traditional exchange methods are convenient for the under-advanced consumer of cryptocurrencies, they are not completely secure. Goldilock, Integration brings security to the central custody of data, where exchanges become the viable solution and key point of custody, which isolates and protects its users from the continuous attacks of hakers.

Individual Remote Vaulted Wallet

Without losing the main feature, protect your confidential data and have immediate access to them, the owner of the values in cryptocurrencies has the full security and confidence that you no longer have to expose your private keys over the internet; all operations are confidential, and are safeguarded by isolating themselves within their hardware portfolio; that is, they are physically disconnected from the internet, "...blocking in a vault with redundancy of multiple locations...". It is a novel system, waiting to be patented, that security codes are strictly protected by being delivered to several access points, which do not allow to alter transactions, "...verifying itself digitally in several locations simultaneously taking advantage of your personal LOCK token…”

Secure Digital Vault

The personal LOCK token allows users who own the accounts: approve the use of their data in a secure and shared way; that can also act, as a mechanism of approval and custody of such transactions between the parties. Goldilock allows physically disconnected storage of confidential information, such as: identification data, passwords, bank account and credit card information, private contracts and all validated KYC information.

Credit Reporting Agencies

Goldilock will eliminate the need to have all personal credit information online, only when the user has them available for availability at specific times.


Goldilock generates a transfer process "...safer and more convenient...", future plans are promising and fruitful with this technology.

Digital Rights Management

The application of the technology of Goldilock is also used to protect the copyright, offering a restriction to the unauthorized distribution of your productions and/or products. It offers a faster distribution of content and controls who sends and who receives the publications.

Healthcare Records

It is presented as the most ambitious application of Goldilock, users or patients of medical care also deserve to maintain privacy and security in their clinical data, where individual rights are protected. Interacting also with accounts such as: laboratories, doctors, pharmacies and other health professionals.

GDPR Compliance

Goldilock takes advantage of the regulations of each country to expose its technological method that offers the best and correct security of the data of each of our users. The GDPR is the great opportunity for our company.


“LOCK is the utility token that will be used to provide a gateway for Goldilock services”

“…The LOCK token allows Goldilock to provide users with a record of the activity of their nodes, while keeping the user-owned data encrypted and blocked, even by all, including the Goldilock team.…”

The "Goldilock Wallet" service will be canceled with our own "LOCK" cryptocurrency through subscription. NEO is the first cryptocurrency that is integrated into the system.


Our team Goldilock has created in a responsible way and with decades of work experiences, an innovative technology, with storage methods and digital data protection that demonstrate the capacity, efficiency and dexterity that all our group of experts possess, and that is in constant technological innovation. They are:


Our network of partners includes the main global specialists in technology and blockchain





Goldilock: disconnect the keys of your personal data and cryptocurrencies to protect them from the pirated user. Offering a secure and universally accessible platform to store your digital assets and access them instantly, with the ease of making transactions remotely and from anywhere on the planet.

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