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Currently, the security of cryptocurrencies and confidential digital files is a fundamental need for many companies and individuals. The information that is stored in the cloud can be manipulated if there is no hacker-proof system that provides protection for its users, which is why Goldiblock comes to revolutionize the way data is stored, presenting a solution to this problem.

Goldilock, 100% security for your digital files.

Goldilock created a data storage system that connects to the internet only when the user needs access to their information, this system is based on the premise that the data should not be physically connected to the internet if you are not using it.

This system is one with layers of authentication, which uses biometrics, triggers of regressive technology and cryptography to be 100% secure. It allows cryptography keys and digital assets to be available to the user when required, while they are physically disconnected and invisible to the internet when they are not being used. This "physical disconnection of the air" prevents you from being connected to the internet, ensuring that the user is not the object of network pirates that steal their files and cryptocurrencies, as has happened to users and companies that have been victims of hackers.

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Problems Goldilock Faces.

Currently the storage of digital files and cryptocurrencies is done in two ways, in a centralized one and through personal cold store, however they are not very effective storage methods because they do not offer security to their users.In the case of the storage of cryptocurrencies in a centralized way, the client deposits their cryptocurrencies in companies that offer wallet service, leaving control and security in the hands of said wallet, the user has no idea how their assets are stored. This is a risky move, since the platform they use may have security flaws and their users would lose their cryptocurrencies.


The method of personal cold store or the use of hard drives, clearances, legger wallet, among others, is an alternative that offers many benefits in terms of the security of digital assets, however it has its limitations, since the equipment used to keep private information may be lost or damaged. Another limitation is that it is necessary to have these equipment in order to have access to your data, which represents costs when having to buy devices for this task; neither does it take advantage of the benefits of the internet for the storage of information in the cloud.

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Goldilock offers solutions

The technology offered by Goldilock can be used in many fields and will revolutionize the way digital assets are stored. Its use is applied to people or companies that require information storage, where security is paramount. This project has the support of banks, credit agencies, digital rights management groups and independent people, among others, that puts Goldilock in the hands of the security of its digital assets. Goldilock technology offers solutions for:

-Users and institutions that need better security than the wallet offers to safeguard their cryptocurrencies and data storage providers in the cloud.
-Users that require security, flexibility and availability of their private keys to perform cryptocurrency transactions.
-Institutions that seek security for their confidential digital assets by disconnecting the files when they are not used, but that can be accessed immediately when the user requires it.

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Where can Goldilock be used?

  • Exchange of Cryptocurrencies.

The traditional methods used for the exchange of cryptocurrencies do not offer security to the user, with the solution of custody central security, Goldiblock users will be protected from theft.

  • Individual Remote Vaulted Wallet.

This option allows the user to store their cryptocurrencies securely, it is no longer necessary to have devices that contain their assets, the user's private keys are never exposed and the operations are confidential within a hardware with authentication layers that are physically disconnected from Internet when the user is not using it.

  • Secure Digital Vault.

Secure and physically disconnected storage of the user's confidential information, such as identification documents, passwords, bank account information, private contracts, among others. With the use of the LOCK token, account holders can approve sharing their data with third parties, approving and making secure transactions.

  • Health records.

Protection of the privacy of the patient's medical records, so that they can not be used without their authorization.

  • GDPR compliance.

The General Regulation of Data Protection (GDPR) obliges institutions that store personal information digitally to implement security systems for data protection, since flaws in their platforms are subject to fines, Goldilock offers a secure system.

How does Goldilock benefit me? My experience.

I am an Industrial Engineer with 22 years of experience in the labor field, however at present in my country Venezuela I do not find job opportunities that satisfy my expectations. I have made the decision to emigrate to another country in search of a better future for myself and my family, it is a process that requires legalizing and carrying many personal documents.

The documents that I need to take for my trip are very valuable and they have cost me a lot of money to get them, losing them would be a very serious problem. Now with Goldilock I do not need to take them in a folder, I can digitize them and store them on their platform in a secure way. I just need to enter Goldilock and my files will be available when I need them, without fear of losing them on the trip.

Goldilock Applications.

Goldilock offers the following applications for users and companies that require security in safeguarding their digital assets:

  • Goldilock purse for cryptocurrencies

The Goldilock team will develop the Goldilock wallet to store NEO, GAS and NEP-5 tokens and to make transactions with these cryptocurrencies, NEO will be the safest cryptocurrency on the market.

The Goldilock wallet will be very secure, the keys will be in a unique hardware device, segmented and encrypted disconnected from the internet, will only connect from the internet when the user requires it.

Initially, the purse was created for NEO users, but will soon provide services for other cryptocurrencies.

  • Goldilock API Services.

Institutions that already have Goldilock wallets can access this service that will facilitate the creation of applications for smart contracts, guaranteeing security. The APIs can be integrated into decentralized applications or independent applications.

Initially, the purse for users focused on NEO, Goldilock will be able to service other major cryptocurrencies in a matter of weeks.

Goldilock Tokens.

Goldilock will release its LOCK tokens as an asset of NEP-5 in the blockchain of NEO, and the initial objective is to convert the NEO cryptocurrency into the safest of the market.

The Lock tokens will allow the user to enjoy all the benefits offered by Goldilock, the company offers the public 670 million tokens of a total of 1000 million.

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Godilock is a system that will revolutionize the way in which the digital assets of users and companies are stored,
this system is disconnected from the internet when the user is not using it and connects immediately when it is required. It is a 100% secure system that offers confidence to its users.

Investing in Goldilock is Investing in a 100% secure digital asset storage system.

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Very interesting article @maeugenia, I especially liked your experience with Goldilock, because it was something really from your life :) Pleasant read.

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