Xaya - Decentralized gaming platform

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Our ultimate gaming platform Xaya is back again with a new surprise for all of us. As we know Xaya introduced the world to the idea of blockchain gaming with their innovations.

The experiment of Hunter coin played a great roll in the formation of this decentralized platform it was a hobby project with over 35,000 characters. It was completely autonomous without the need for any server with a market cap of over 10 million USD.

I think Xaya is going to be the best thing happened ever in the world of gaming. The best part is the players are going to have the real ownership of their online assets not only this they have the power to change their online assets into real-world value with the use of cryptocurrency via simple and safe trading platform.

We have Xaya wallet where you can register your avatar names securely hold your coins and you can play from your gaming wallet.

Xaya fraud is no longer a threat. It pays withHigh paying payment processor without the need of a 3rd party.

How decentralized platform is more secure, especially for high-value assets?

There are several blockchain asset storage platforms in which the games run in a centralized manner. Where blockchain is used for storing assets, but sometime it may cause an issue like the game to sever could he shut down or it may crash making an irreversible loss of players because it will make the assets completely worthless.

I think those assets are hard earned and very valuable for the player. We should not take a risk with them, therefore, use the more secure platform according to me the decentralized one.

If Xaya will be partnering with Soccer manager then it will lead to real ownership of in-game assets which will include currency, players, stadiums and much more.

 It will give an immediate exposure to millions of player while providing a full blockchain gaming experience by joining soccer manager while it will be in partnership with Xaya will give players an close experience for being a real soccer manager.

And one more thing if you will become a top manager or get promoted at every level then you will become wealthier too.

Xaya will also play a great role in cryptocurrency development because if the games play well and the demand increases then it will create a pressure on them to increase the value of Xaya currency "chi".

The power of blockchain gaming and its securitygives new opportunities in the world of gaming.

Human mining with play to earn will change our thinking about games. 

Why do we leave our passion behind? 

According to me, Xaya had done the best job because of it many people who are passionate about gaming can make it their full-time career.

Virtual reality is now our best friend. Overall from my prospective Xaya team is providing a good opportunity to pursue your passion as your career too with high security safest payment method.

Whether you are in gaming , chat or trade Xaya is your place.

Opportunity don't knock the door again once it is their go and grab it.

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