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Goldilock is a new storage system, which acts as a cold storage and also provides availability for user to access their funds/data.
It is positioned to provide services both direct to consumer and to institutions which require significantly enhanced security for the digital assets under their stewardship.
Lately passwords and private keys of some crypto currencies are often protected with awkward, outdated, and inefficient security measures which has reduced the trust of their coustomers.
Goldilock is a new way data is stored on the Internet
by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital
assets for individuals. With a functioning platform launched in Q2 of 2018 that provides a remote physical
disconnection of data from the internet, the Goldilock Security
Suite leverages multi-factor authentication, biometrics,
regressive technology triggers, and cryptography to shift the
burden of keeping wallets secure away from the individual
investor and on to Goldilock physically-segregated platform.

Goldilock Security Suite includes:

• The Goldilock Wallet
• Integrations via the Goldilock API
• Colocations
• On-Premises Deployment Option

Goldilock will use the NEO platform. NEO and Goldilock share some core values that make it the perfect technology atop of which to build Goldilock.
Goldilock is built around the idea that if it's connected to the internet, it can be hacked. The past few years have seen many hacks in the cryptocurrency industry, proving that statement true.


Source: WhitePaper, Page 5

Wallet is stored offline with a physical airgap mechanism, and is not accessible from the internet.
Using a non-IP mechanism. It can only be accessible if the user activates their wallet making it accessible over the internet.
User can securely access their wallet over an encrypted connection using a dedicated URL and access credentials system.
Goldilock can be used to store sensitive information, such as cryptocurrencies, or by existing companies and applications where security is a priority, there for that it why it shouldn't be easily hacked. Air gap mechanism have made it impossible to be hacked. The security of offline data has been combined
with convenience of online accessibility. Goldilock is online
when you need it and offline when you do not need it, it will be available anywhere and anytime.


• For a goldilock wallet

• Cloud storage with a suitable key
solution for cryptocurrencies

• Cryptocurrencies exchange


Goldilock wallet can be classified into two wallet operators i.e cold wallet operators and hot wallet operators.
A cold wallet solution enables user to integrate into Goldilock system, allowing operators to offer a more readily accessible.
A hot wallet solution will enable hot wallet operators and custodial service providers to leverage Goldilock remotely-automated airgap custody solution. Goldilock will have no access to client data, relying on encrypted information
flows to route requests via individual Goldilock user device


Goldilock consist of an encrypted storage device, that is stored in a
vault within a secure data center. The device is always offline and physically disconnected from the Internet
until a user chooses to access it. Through an authorized non-IP command by the consumer over the
Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN), the storage device will be remotely mounted and become accessible through a secure web login. Clients can then instantly access their data using encrypted channels
to complete transactions. After the client finishes his or her transactions, the device which
securely manages the private keys is physically disconnected from the Internet. Goldilock has no access to
keys or data stored on the client’s encrypted storage device.


Source: WhitePaper, Page 10


The public centralized cryptocurrency exchanges system most times act as key custodians. Their reliance on contemporary security methods has made them loose billions of dollars stolen in cryptocurrencies therefore, instead of storing client keys in online hot wallets or leaving them disconnected and inaccessible in deep cold storage, Goldilock therefore enables cryptocurrency exchanges to rely on our online-on-demand environment, reducing transaction processing times which enables better handling of high traffic periods.


Goldilock goal is to become an essential option both for exchanges who are currently offering custody and for those who wish to enhance their offering by extending into custody for their clients.
Goldilock goal is to provide numerous opportunities to build the next generation of consumer and institutional
applications optimized for trust and security.
Goldilock goal is to develope a development team with the initial purpose of storing and transacting NEO, GAS, and NEP-5 tokens; making NEO the most secure cryptocurrency on the market.
Goldilock goal is to develop a Data Storage and Digital Asset Security
Health, financial, and legal records which are essential to a client’s personal and legal well-being. For
accessible storage for this type of information. Goldilock will partnership with banks, credit agencies , insurers, document storage, and data warehousing operators, that will offer solutions to address where these markets.
Goldilock goal is to develop a security standard where by there would be no fine for failure to protect users data.


With goldilock you need not to work about hackers and theft of files and cryptocurrency because Goldilock is a solution to the deficiencies of hot and cold crypto key and sensitive data storage.
Goldilock is not a cold or hot storage, it is just the right storage.


Goldilock Website

Goldilock WhitePaper

Goldilock Tokenomics

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