Peace and conflict resolution with kleros

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Peace and conflict resolution with kleros

Conflict could be seen as a disagreement through which the parties involved perceived a threat to their needs interests and concerns. Within this simple definition there are several important understandings that emerges.
Disagreement generally, we are aware there is some level of differences in the positions of the two or more parties involved in the conflict, but the true disagreement versus the perceived disagreement may be quite different from one another, in fact conflict tends to be accompanied by significant level of misunderstandings that exaggerated the perceive disagreement considerably, if we can understand the true area of disagreement, this will help us solve the right problem and manage the true needs of the parties involved.
On many instances, people who are seen as part of a social system ( example, work, team, family, and company) are influenced or made to participate in a dispute, whether they would personally define the situation or not, the real problem is finding a solution because human beings are prone to disagreement especially when it comes to personal interest and needs, who is right or wrong becomes more difficult to attain simply, and at this juncture a lot of personal resources are spent at law courts .

Cost reduction been the critical point on ground, I present to you kleros.

What is kleros?

Kleros is a opt-in dispute resolution platform. Kleros is a network of jurors specializing in various categories who are available to settle disputes.

If there is anymore important benefit to appreciate in technology, it is the advent of kleros,

Adjudication is expensive and time-consuming. With Kleros, both parties can be protected in the case that a contract is breached.

As a business man or company, it is business to find a more ways to inject resource into your business and not create loop holes where your resources are spent sorting out costumers and employee disputes, but in as much as it is unavoidably eminent, cost reduction and business reputation becomes a goal to sort after, and that why kleous will be more infective to handle business disputes more effectively than sub court which may be time consuming and cost exploitative

How does kleros work

1.1 Contract
Users create a smart contract and choose Kleros as its adjudication protocol.

  1. 2 Dispute
    The relevant information is securely sent to Kleros.
  1. 3 Selection
    A tribunal is drawn from the crowd. Jurors evaluate evidence and cast their vote.
  1. 4 Enforcement
    The decision is enforced by the smart contract.

For instance Mr Adams securing a future dispute with kleros.

So Mr Adams owns a Car-wash park, and has an employee of foreigner who are paid on timely basis,
Of recently, Mr Adams business is become a site for investigative journalism , some claims he extorts and treat his employees badly,
Just last week, one mr Ali who is Mr Adams employee, was contract by a journalist, Mr Ali claimed Mr Adams refused to pay him his full payment because he broke a water tube that supplies water to the park, he also said that sometimes he works overtime against he normal working time, and Mr Adams refuses him and other employees to make and receive calls during their working period, which they dimmed inappropriate.

So to secure his business and reputation in other to avoid future allegations. Mr Adams decides to put his future employees under a smart contract and registers it in kleros with the following contracts;

  • That every employee is liable to any damages of his properties, ( in such case, the breaking or spoiling of his working gadget, which includes, brush, soap, water pumps, etc, will be replaced by who so ever that damages it. )

  • That every employee must wash at least 4 cars between 5 hours of his working time, and any body that fall short of the required amount of cars to be washed will be made to work extra time until the minimum of 4 cars is complete by such employee.

  • That every employee is to summit his phone to his office when showing up for work every morning, with the view that most employees may decide to play game and watch films online with their phone, which may be why must employees don't meet up the minimum required amount of cars to be was between 5 hours.

With this agreement signed with kleros, mr Adams is conservative of his business in other to maximize profit, so any prospective employee that wish to work is there by made to undertake the standing principle guarding mr Adams business, before he can stand working. With this Adams is sure to secure a right wing decision when any breach or accusation is leveled on his business ethics

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