XAYA poised to take crypto adoption to the gaming community.

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Xaya is entering the crypto world with high ambitions. Building games onto a blockchain isn't new, a number of projects have had this feature.The XAYA platform accomplishes this through the democratization of the development and implementation of the game, allowing the developers to realize their projects and visions with quite reduced costs. XAYA proposes to provide a broad amalgam of tools together with an strong infrastructure so that the developer can design vast virtual worlds with an immersive and high-detailed gameplay, economically and without the need to depend on private servers, in this way XAYA becomes a striking offer, for example, for Indie developers, who have now revolutionized the world of gaming with the development of lower budget but high quality videogames. XAYA could work for them as an innovative tool with which they could translate an endless of innovative ideas.In addition to being a cryptocurrency is a blockchain based gaming and virtual item trading platform whose value in economy will increase as more developers and gamers adopt the use of its platform. Its cryptocurrency is based on a blockchain secured by proof of work (POW).

As a gamer, this platform has a number of benefits

What the XAYA project proposes is that millions of players around the world can compete and cooperate within immense worlds of decentralized virtual reality that work without the need for servers, 24/7. They use their skills and intelligence to mine resources such as iron, copper, gold, diamond, etc., or they can collect items such as swords, armor, bows etc, defeating giant enemies, and that these resources and items have a value in the real world to be exchanged within the same game for a price in cryptocurrencies. Games are unstoppable. Once launched on the blockchain, they will continue forever.Games are provably fair. There can be no cheating or manipulation.Through smart gameplay, it could be potentially profitable to play.Even accounts can be sold, with the Chi coin underpinning the chain and providing more potential profit.Actual ownership of game items. If you buy a digital asset for the game - it is yours to keep, use or trade.


Cryptocurrency Capitalisation is, at the TEM ofwriting of this document, circa $ 350 billon with tredes and transaction volumes accounting for billions (USD) each day. CryptccuTencies are becoming more accepted globally, though there are stil briers faced by their proponents. These include regulations and usability The underpinning blockchain technology behind 3itcoin and the altematives (altcoins) is being proposed for a range of apolications in baiking, de enze, and oh sectors. Successful cryptocurrances brirg new techrologies and innovatize solutions to the market, such as how Zcash and McNorro have enjayed great popularity due tc their strong privacy features.


It is known commonly that some developers are unable to reach the game market because the Time and cost from concept to market for money new independent developers is prohibitive but with a developing tool and usage of blockchain to create a decentralized autonomous game universe with a 24/7 up time, the cos and set up time associated with servers are eliminated.However, there was a technical chalenges reating to sca ablity associated with ncreasingly ich and complex universes within MMO games, as well as scaling challenges accociated with cryptocurreneiec andacset cterage ledgere. Theoe challengec are of underestimated, including in other erering viitual asset storage ledgers. GAMERS Inghere is a growing cesire for inceasingly rich virtual garring universes in which virtual asset ownership is important for gamer status and regressihn thugh a partilar gare. Additionally, the time and effort spent is gamer cauld alone, and through the cimple exorcism Exchange of n-garne virtual items for real world value or for virtual iterms avaiabe in another game This represents a challenge on two tronts. The irst chalenge is thal is a truly scalable and real or near real-time asset storage is required for the gamer. The time and effort expended by gamers could be rewarded beyond simple enjoyment and through the exchange of in-game virtual items available in other games but because of the challenges such as.Truly scalable and real or near real-time asset, storage layer is required for the gamer-independent of games they played.Creating the means of managing ownership and sharing in increasing complex games universe just like those in typical MMO games.


• Total tokens for sale: 40.5%
• Proof of work coins(mineable): 40%
• Company reserves :10% of total supply undependable for 6 months.
• Advisors, marketing bounties additional cost: 5% of the total supply
• Huntercoin snapshot :4.5%.









XAYA is seen as an interesting proposal in the world of videogames and if in this proposal several indie developers participate with great quality of ideas this project could open a strong path within the video game industry.





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