Beam - a new cryptocurency targeted as a privacy focused store -of-value coin.

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Beam is a cutting edge private cryptographic money in light of an exquisite and inventive MimbleWimble convention.

Pillar incorporates the accompanying highlights:

Clients control security totally.

Privacy without punishments - no computational overhead

No confided in setup required

Squares are mined utilizing Proof of Work Algorithm

Constrained outflow topped at 210 million coins

No exchange data put away on the blockchain

Prevalent adaptability through smaller blockchain measure

No premine. No ICO.

Actualized sans preparation utilizing C++.

The best commitment Beam will make to the blockchain innovation is finished classification, userd can make certain that there movement can't be followed as it isn't kept on the blockchain.

Shaft can do this in view of the MimbleWimble approach, Confidential Transactions and Transaction Cut, in particular MimbleWimble just shows some portion of the exchanges made by utilizing easy routes from beginning to end of the exchange making following incomprehensible.

Classification, security and untraceable exchanges are three of the greatest things clients search for in the crypto world and Beam is the first to offer both in a compelling way.

For instance, Jenny is a companion of mine who works low maintenance as a business agent for my organization, while I do need to track what I pay her as payments for her work, she doesn't need this cash to be accessible to people in general. My answer is to utilize Beam, I can keep my records and Jenny gets her cash with no exchanges connecting her to this cash.

Keep in mind the catchphrase with Beam is security.

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