Storing sensitive crypto data made easy with GOLDILOCK

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Data management and security of data has always been a major challenge in the cryptocurrency market, banking sector, notable companies and personal data safety. This is as a result of breach of the security of website and lot of data will be stolen by hackers. This is where Goldilock come into play.

What is Goldilock

Goldilock is a storage system which acts as a cold storage or acts offline until when there is need for those data or funds to be used. The users data is stored offline and can be accessed by a physical storing device which has access to their information is connected to the internet and the user is given limited time access through non-IP technology with secure authentication layers.

Why Goldilock

  • Goldilock provides users better security of their cryptocurrency private keys.
  • Goldilock is more secured, flexible, and provide private key custody to its users.
  • Goldilock provides institution better security to their most sensitive documents and assets by taking them fully offline.

Goldilock will use the NEO platform to provide better security as they both share common core values.

Benefits of keeping data offline using airgap technology

  • To prevent data from being accessed by hackers: The data stored on Goldilock are stored offline using airgap technology and can only be accessed by the user s.

Goldilock will be comprised of an encrypted storage device, which is stored in a vault within a secure data center. The device is always offline and physically disconnected from the Internet until the client chooses to access it. Through an authorized non-IP command by the consumer over the Public Switch Telephony Network (PSTN), the storage device will be remotely mounted and become accessible online through a secure web login.

  • It prevents users from carrying sensitive documents from one place to another to prevent the document from been stolen or misplaced.

Goldilock LOCK TOKEN

Goldilock lock token is built and integrated on the NEO blockchain. The Lock token will be required to access the Goldilock wallet. >Lock token when added to the Goldilock proprietary smart contract logic will allow for the storage of private keys for cryptocurrencies and other digital assets, as well as provide an immutable auditing mechanism for each individual node using Default Byzantine Fault Tolerance (a type of PoS).

The Goldilock team

The Goldilock team is comprised of people with entrepreneurship experience in financial services, technology and marketing.

  • Tony Hasek Co-Founder - An experienced company builder with a history of predicting market changes, envisioning needs, and building solutions to address them or pivoting compa- nies to survive them. In his career Tony has raised over $15m in capital for various ventures from leading VC firms.
  • Jarrod Epps Co-Founder, CEO -A successful serial entrepreneur, Jarrod has raised over $40 million for projects in technology and real estate and has engineered multiple exits in his career.
  • Brett Miller CTO- Brett has held senior leadership positions in industries focusing on security, scale, and reliability.
    Screenshot_2018-08-06 Goldilock.png
    Screenshot_2018-08-06 Goldilock(1).png
    Screenshot_2018-08-06 Goldilock(2).png

For more information on Goldilock watch this short video


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