Goldilock Security for your Data and Wallet

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Knowing Goldilock

Goldilock is a remote custody system and digital asset security suite. This system acts as a cold storage until the moment in which the user needs to access their funds or data.

In order for the user to access their private data, the physical device must be connected to the internet and will be granted access for a set time with different layers of authenticity in a secure manner. One of the main ideas on which Goldilock is based is that if you are connected to the internet you can be hacked. This is due to the large number of hacks in the cryptocurrency industry.

Goldilock is changing the way we store our data on the internet, creating a safe and less vulnerable ecosystem for the storage of data and cryptocurrencies with a system that provides remote physical disconnection of data over the internet


This security technology has been considered by entrepreneurs, banks, credit agencies and others as a revolutionary technology that will change the way our personal data is stored on the internet.


The solution offered by Goldilock for the exchange of known cryptocurrencies with the integration of data custody allows the user to be isolated from attacks on their wallets, becoming a key solution for data custody.

Remote vaults

The personal portfolios are completely safe in the remote vaults offered by Goldilock, which offer multiple locations that can be accessed remotely through multiple biometric gateways, taking advantage of the personal LOCK token. It is necessary to emphasize that private keys will never be exposed.

Important features:

Digital rights management: the digital media companies have entrusted their digital files to Goldilock since they allow the storage and sending of files in a quick way and can access them in a more secure way.

Health Registry: this represents one of the most striking and ambitious applications of Goldilock, storing and safeguarding data of patients, family members and health professionals in a safe and effective manner.

GDPR conformance: this technology is allowing technologies from all over the world to adapt to the sensitivity of their data allowing extremely strict regulation to protect data of great validity and importance.

Benefits for a better life:

The use of the Goldilock platform in all the areas that characterize them further streamline the massive use of cryptocurrencies away from the premise that if we expose our portfolios will be vulnerable to computer attacks. Each day companies, governments and entrepreneurs seek emerging solutions that adapt to their needs but that in turn offer complete security of all their information. That's why Goldilock could become the number one platform in data security and assets for both the common user and the most recognized company. Goldilock can only offer these services without distinctions or barriers reaching great acceptance by all the community that enters the handling of the Blockchain and the use of data in the cloud.

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