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Beamis a next generation confidential cryptocurrency based on an elegant and innovative MimbleWimble protocol.

Beam includes the following features:

  • Users control privacy completely.

  • Confidentiality without penalties - no computational overhead

  • No trusted setup required

  • Blocks are mined using Proof of Work Algorithm

  • Limited emission topped at 210 million coins

  • No transaction information stored on the blockchain

  • Superior scalability through compact blockchain size

  • No premine. No ICO.

  • Implemented from scratch using C++.

The greatest contribution Beam will make to the blockchain technology is complete confidentiality, userd can be sure that there activity cannot be traced as it is not kept on the blockchain.

Beam is able to do this because of the MimbleWimble approach, Confidential Transactions and Transaction Cut, namely MimbleWimble just shows part of the transactions made by using shortcuts from start to finish of the transaction making tracking impossible.

Confidentiality, privacy and untraceable transactions are three of the biggest things users look for in the crypto world and Beam is the first to offer both in an effective manner.

As an example, Jenny is a friend of mine who works part time as a sales representative for my company, while I do have to keep a record of what I pay her as commissions for her work, she does not want this money to be available to the public. My solution is to use Beam, I can keep my records and Jenny gets her money without any transactions linking her to this money.

Remember the keyword with Beam is privacy.

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