Goldilock and its usefulness to the Crypto economy

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Goldilock is a new type of storage system, which acts as a cold storage until such time that the user needs access to their funds/data.

When a user needs access to their private data, the physical device storing their information is connected to the internet and the user is given limited time access through non-IP technology with secure authentication layers.

Goldilock will use the NEO platform. NEO and Goldilock share some core values that make it the perfect technology atop of which to build Goldilock. Goldilock is revolutionizing the way data is stored on the Internet by building an ecosystem to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets for individuals and institutions. Debuting in Q2 of 2018 with a product that provides a remote physical disconnection of data from the internet, the system leverages multi-factor authentication, biometrics, regressive non-IP technologies triggers, and cryptography to shift the burden of keeping wallets secure away from the individual investor and on to our physically-segregated platform.

Goldilock is built around the idea that - if it's connected to the internet, it can be hacked. The past few years have seen many hacks in the cryptocurrency industry, proving that statement true.
Goldilock is based on the premise that your data should not be physically connected to the internet when you’re not using it, but that it does need to be available to you from anywhere immediately when you want to access it.
Goldilock is redefining how sensitive digital data is handled by individuals and institutions." Our remote, encrypted individual HSM vaults allow crypto keys and digital assets to be active and immediately available online via a non-IP trigger mechanism, while being physically disconnected and invisible from the internet when not in use by their owner".
Goldilock enables the secure, physically disconnected storage of sensitive information such as identification documentation, passwords, bank account and credit card Information, validated KYC information, or private contracts. LOCK token will allow account holders to securely approve sharing of their data and can act as an approval mechanism and escrow for transactions between multiple parties.

John Nasek, who is the cofounder of goldilock is a company builder who saw the need for the safety of our digital data.
Goldilock has many importance but let me mention a few more.

Crypto Exchanges:The use of traditional exchanges as a key custody solution is popular and convenient, especially for the less advanced cryptocurrency consumer. However, as seen from routine hacks and thefts that reach into the billions, these methods are less than completely secure. With the integration of Goldilock security's core custody solution, exchanges become a more viable key custody solution by isolating their users from these attacks. We look forward to publicly announcing our first exchange partnerships in the next few weeks!

Credit Reporting Agencies:
Hacks into credit accounts and credit identities occur daily. With the data breach last year at Experian, approximately 150 million households were victims of data theft. Millions of users scrambled to ‘freeze their credit’ to avoid accounts being opened in their name, and many now struggle to unfreeze it. The application of Goldilock technology will eliminate the need to have personal credit information online except in times when you, the owner of that credit information, give instant approval for credit agencies to make it available for specific periods.

GDPR Compliance:
Governments worldwide are adapting to the sensitivity of data, and many jurisdictions now have strict regulations requiring security to protect personal data. For example, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) threatens fines of over €20million for failure to protect consumer data. GDPR represents a massive opportunity for Goldilock, as many technology providers do not have a technology solution to protect consumer data.

Individual Remote Vaulted Wallet:
As a cryptocurrency owner, your top priority is protecting your confidential data while still keeping it immediately accessible. Using Goldilock, you no longer need to tote around a device holding the key to your personal wealth. With Goldilock, private keys are never exposed, sensitive operations are isolated inside your hardware wallet, physically disconnected from the internet, locked in a vault with multi-location redundancy, and accessed remotely via biometric gateways leveraging security codes delivered over multiple device access points. Transactions can't be tampered with, and they are digitally verified in multiple locations simultaneously, leveraging your personal LOCK token.

Thanks to the Blockchain developer named Mike Alvarez
Mike is a Senior Full Stack Engineer who has been working on a number of projects.He is a great talent and he has made goldilock fantastic.

Great works Goldilock Team


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