IONChain - A revolutionary IoT infrastructure based on blockchain and edge computing technology

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Source: Whitepaper, Page 1


Internet since its creation has been fully accepted, initially it was created with military interests, but little by little they were seeing the great invention they had achieved and in this way it was converted with the help of many great researchers and scholars of the subject on the internet how we know it today. And is that since the beginning has served as a facilitator of information, today is more accustomed to being connected with other people, to investigate and learn new things, to play video games online and for a host of other things, in the world how we know it today, the Internet is paramount in anyone's life.

In addition, the Internet is a facilitator for anyone, since it is the most practical method to find a place to eat, watch a movie or a video, buy clothes or any device, among many other things, and without taking into account that it is a excellent option to earn money, and without internet the world as we know it would be a completely different world, we would be far behind in technological advances although it seems hard to believe, but so important is the Internet.

But despite how much you may think that we have advanced technologically with the changes implemented through the Internet, there are still many more things to innovate, it can be said that this is only the beginning of a new technological era in which the Internet could help us to facilitate everyday life, and that over the years is heard even more what is Internet of Things (IoT), and how to implement the IoT in the world would be a great step towards a more modern future, and think about any device that can connect to the Internet could provide us with valuable information that would make our lives easier or help us prevent any negative situation, that sounds wonderful.

The problem is that IoT has not yet been fully implemented, there are still many details to be resolved and more acceptance is needed from everyone, to see IoT as the ideal way to modernize the world as we know it, but we have very good expectations, and is that an investment of 1289.9 billion USD in IoT for 2020 is expected as a lot is expected with IoT software devices in the same period of time.

Problem Overview

In the main problems we have today we can say that they are the following:

  • Data security
  • Circulation of data.
  • Share data.
  • Data transaction.

And is that the IoT is being fully accepted and there is a greater interest on the part of researchers in the implementation of the IoT that must solve these problems, have an Internet connection in many appliances, there is a risk that anyone can visualize or steal the data, then there would be the security required by any person, to know that the information of someone who did not want to give their information may be available in a place that interests many people.

In addition to this problem, there is another big problem and is the compatibility between devices, you need an institution or platform that is able to solve this problem and create the possibility of a compatibility between devices and thus achieve mix these two things, thus achieving greater approach to the adoption of the IoT in the world today. That's why this time I come to talk about IONChain, who can solve these problems and achieve compatibility between devices and solve security and protection problems.


Without a doubt, the Blockchain technology and the IoT will have to join sooner or later, because the Blockchain technology since its invention has been a great innovation, it is a technology of great importance and great value, and the IoT is the technology of the future, but you need a good partner to help you achieve that goal, this is where IONChain comes in, who has been responsible for finding the ecosystem where possible, since Blockchain technology is the best way to keep data safe and thus solve many problems related with the data.

IONChain seeks to develop and design the IoT ecosystem, where IONChain will serve as the link between the IoT devices acting as the underlying particle in the IoT ecosystem, finally achieving the unification of the smart devices technology, achieving the goal of finally being part of our everyday life the IoT.

Knowing a little more thoroughly and in detail IONChain, this company was founded nonprofit in early 2018 and has been operating in Singapore since that time, IONChain has the task of investigating new ways to achieve the ideal connection with the IoT, it is for that reason they have been developing a chain of public blocks that will be used to be combined with the Internet of Things, also they aim to have a large number of devices with the label "IONChain Connected" thus achieving a simpler identification .

Impact of IONChain and problems to solve

Since the advent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, in the long term it became known that this technology would work as the bridge that would take us to another level in the world of technology, because its great security and ease of use make the chain of blocks a search for IONChain. Solve the problems that exist today, since it seeks to make the IoT apply as soon as possible, since it would be a facilitator for people, but before adapting to the world as we know it, it is necessary to solve security problems and data, that is why IONChain together with Blockchain will be responsible for solving the problems related to the data that the IoT devices can collect and, therefore, keep this data and information more secure. In addition there are several important problems that IONChain has sought to solve, such as:

  • Business model for the IoT industry not yet established: Currently we only find an implementation that implements the IoT on a large scale, which is RFID, that is a pond point if you want a total acceptance of the IoT, there is where IONChain enters the scene, it could be said that it is the new platform that will seek to implement the IoT on a large scale, who also seek to reach large companies and as many people as possible by implementing their ecosystem for a massive IoT adoption.

  • Lack of data security and privacy protection: This has been one of the major problems of the Internet since its invention, as all important data of companies and individuals are available to any hacker, leading to it being a problem for the adaptation of the IoT, but IONChain along with the implementation of the chain of blocks, now the data will not be centralized nor will be in the hands of a small group of companies but now they will be decentralized and with an almost impossible data tracking, for what will be much more secure.

  • Lack of interoperability between platforms: As you can read, a lack of cooperation on the part of all companies causes a pond, and that is because the data is only handled by a small group of companies, makes it difficult to teamwork of different companies, because having a restriction of access or implementation generates a great barrier, that is something that IONChain managed to solve through its decentralized process, for a better interoperability.

  • The shackles of the cloud computing architecture: Today we can find that the IoT networks built in the clouds can present delays of hundreds of milliseconds, this for those applications that require interaction in real time, all this due to the increase of the bandwidth with the over the years, but IONChain together with Edge Computing managed to optimize the user experience in the IoT, thus getting rid of these delays, as they will have a better ecosystem and engine that will be able to bring the applications of interaction in real time of a more efficient and faster way.


Traditional IoT industry with the use of Edge computing

The Edge "is an open platform that integrates networks, computing, storage and applications at the edge of the network", and may be the most feasible option to solve the problems that the IoT presents in terms of the fast connection and problems of security and protection, because by using advanced technology users can be trained so that they can be the controllers of their data and thus be able to establish the limits of who can or can not access the data, also with the implementation of the Edge computing, IONChain can give a better service to the users since it is a key for a better ecosystem and managing to reinforce the weak points that we can find in the cloud, and also the Edge computing can still manage to integrate without problems to the computational platform in the cloud, thus achieving a more flexible design.

Source: Whitepaper, Page 11

"One device, One code, One coin"

This is the motto of IONChain that refers to the IoT device used in the network, the code is the unique identification that will mark the data created by the device inside the IONChain and the currency is the currency used in the ecosystem of IONChain, called IONC, the unique identification code embedded in the hardware of the IoT devices makes it a unique feature and also facilitates the identification of the IoT device in the IONChain ecosystem, by marking which are the IoT devices with a unique identification code, it would be simpler to trace such devices.

Mass adoption process

In the IONChain ecosystem, each IoT device can function as a mining machine, which would generate an IoT economy, since all the devices can provide data and then exchange them for IONC currencies, all this is possible in part with the use of technology. Edge Computing. In addition to the use of blockchain technology, a reliable and verifiable environment will be created in the IONChain network, thus encouraging the industry to enter the next level of development. IONChain has sought to associate with IoT producers and has also sought to unify producers through the incentive that the IONChain ecosystem offers which is the creation of income through mining through the IoT devices that have the unique identification code.

Importance of having a global standard

If it is possible to have a global standard, where it is possible to integrate the IONChain protocol in as many IoT devices as possible, it would have a large amount of dAPP optimizing the devices, since the devices would be interconnected and the devices could be programmed to execute actions in a more comfortable and simple way for individuals. Imagine an exchange of data between your router and your computer, where the router automatically turns on once the computer is turned on, this action could be possible with the exchange of data between the IONChain Connected devices, and as it is more standard and more companies include the IONChain protocol in their devices, it will be safer to be able to live the era of automation through the relationship through the dAPP.

Technical architecture

IONChain created a new method of creation of value and transfer of value which is called "IONIZATION" and citing could be said that "Ionization is the process by which an atom or a molecule acquires a negative or positive charge by gaining or losing electrons to formions, often in conjunction with other chemical changes". Currently, only value transfer and value creation can be carried out within the block chain, since the objective of IONIZACION is to separate these two processes for a better adaptation to the industry of IoT.

Creation of Value of IONChain

  • Generation of value: covers the IoT devices which means any kind of device connected to IONChain, and each has a predetermined value as well as also have the IONChain identification code, which includes the manufacturer's information, identification and other information related, where all the information is processed and stored in each device by individual and then that data is converted to a standard format.

  • Verification of value: it is similar to other chains of blocks, first a verification must be completed cooperatively, but only the relevant parts in the data provided by the IoT devices and then after this step the value will be transferred to the next layer for your evaluation.

  • Evaluation of value: this is the second level of verification, at this point of value creation you have to complete the verification of the authenticity of the value, this layer aims to ensure that the IONChain system is free from malicious attacks.

  • Confirmation of value: here the verified value is packaged and then the information is processed to the value transfer part, once this point is reached, the value created by the IoT device will already be in the IONChain system as a digital currency .

IONChain value transfer

  • Application layer: "is the user interface layer of IONChain".

  • Service layer: "is an abtraction of the internal modules within IONChain".

  • Protocol layer: IONChain provides several unified protocol layers which range from consensus protocol, network protocol, to currency exchange protocol, among others.

  • Intelligent contract layer: it is one of the most important points of the IONChain ecosystem because it is the connection that exists between the blockchain layer with the applications, in addition it ensures that users can legitimately and more securely use the data stored in the chain of blocks.

  • Blockchain layer: this is the core of IONChain, and the consensus algorithm is the fundamental part of the blockchain layer, and IONChain to better adapt to the characteristics of the IoT network have added their own new IPOS algorithm.

  • Data storage layer: in IONChain there are two ways to store data and are based on IPFS and BigChainDB, where IPFS "is a standard for storing addressable file content" and BigChainDB is as "business data storage engine to meet with the data investigation requirements".

Source: Whitepaper, Page 21

Economic model - Token IONC

IONC is the official token of IONChain, which can be used by different users that participate in the ecosystem, which is simple because each IoT device can act as a miner, to start IONChain has established the maximum IONC offer in 800 million, all in a period of 20 years and will be split, after having completed this period the administrative committee will be responsible for deciding whether to reissue more IONC tokens.

In the IONChain ecosystem, the IONC token is the only authorized cryptocurrency, and this cryptocurrency will dictate the general value of IONChain as more transactions and purchases are generated within the network. Likewise, IONChain will distribute rewards to all users in exchange for access to their IoT devices.

The distribution of the IONC token will be supplied as follows:

  • Circulation: 25%.
  • Mining Rewards: 25%.
  • Community construction and incentives: 20%.
  • R & D team: 20%
  • Node incentives: 10%

Source: Whitepaper, Page 31

Case of use

In Johor is a very luxurious private neighborhood where only people with large incomes live, but these tenants have problems when leaving in their cars, because in the neighborhood there is an automatic gate and a guard who is responsible for opening and closing the gate , because the owners of the neighborhood decided not to give wireless control to the guests to avoid a theft and loss of such control and endanger the security of the neighborhood, but the owners did not have the misfortune of always hiring badguards who used not to be pending and in some cases they were the ones who initiated a robbery in the neighborhood.

That is why the owners chose to use IONChain and IoT devices, implementing in the cars and in the gate the specific IONChain devices, so that when the cars are close to the gate this will open and as they go away the gate will be go closing, so that it is a faster and safer way to enter or leave the neighborhood, and in this way the owners of the neighborhood could offer greater security to their tenants, all through IONChain.


This publication that I have presented has been to let you know this new system that has been designed, which is IONChain, and that through the content we have been able to see the most important points about this ecosystem and how, without a doubt, it will achieve a great success in the IoT and achieving greater implementation.

And it is that IONChain with its incentive, with its union with the chain of blocks, managing to generate greater security and with Edge Computing solving the speed problems, will be responsible for finally bringing the IoT to another level and that it is the new era technology because IONChain has everything necessary to revolutionize the IoT we know today and is that they have come with that purpose, since they have reinvented the system as we know it.





Source: Whitepaper, Page 37


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