IAGON: A Storage Service Platform For Everyone

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You are running a business or a website where you are collecting so much information "whether it is by facial recognition, voice recognition or video and image processing" and store it in your server machine, you are also lined in maintaining the up-time of the server. Later on, the demand for your company or website services increases which lead to the needing of a higher capacity storage for your server machine...

Have you ever asked how big companies like Amazon, Google & Microsoft are able to manage all the data that they are handling? (WhitePaper page 6)How they are able to give their best services while maintaining the smooth run of their server? It is all because of the Storage Cloud Platform that they are paying to get aligned with their businesses. These Cloud Storage are being dominated by these giant companies who are capable of paying high fees.

What? You can't avail that? ACTUALLY YOU CAN!
With the help of IAGON.


IAGON is permitting consumers to share their available storage space for IAG tokens where miners will be able to receive perks depending on the amount of process they have utilized.

IAGON was designed to create a supercomputer that has the ability to compute and analyze a vast number of data that is powered by Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology. It aims to provide a smooth experience and "efficiently serves the needs of its users". By taking advantage of the unused computing power and as well as storage space it can create a global supercomputing grid which has the capability to go along with other Cloud Computing Platforms.

IAGON utilizes its claim instrument for deciding excavators' commitment and handling speed using a technique known as proof of variance. IAGON has its own unique way of using blockchain compare to other cryptocurrencies.


IAGONhas a high level of security were it ensures that there is no miner who will be able to access any file that has been stored. IAGON’s Secure Lake is based on the Blockchain unbreakable encryption technology, on file slicing and storage of small, anonymous and strongly encrypted slices of the original files. The vulnerabilities and in addition the hacking potential outcomes of databases of Big Data and Data Lake framework are freely posted on the web, predominantly cautioning associations against security breaks that may ascend because of utilization of these stages.


IAGON's Smart Computing Grid is derived on the latest AI features which has the ability to connect massive businesses to customers. It fulfills the need for necessary resources. It shares the available resources to customers in need in terms of storage spaces and processing power. Provides a high satisfaction to miners by supplying storage space and processing power without exerting effort when their computers are not in use.


Data mining is the process of discovering patterns in a vast data sets. IAGON is flexible that it can perform on decentralized network and was created to recognize data facilities like SQL and NoSQL databases. It has a unique way of distributing load across a decentralized network.


"IAGON", a Cloud Computing Platform/Supercomputer Storage that can compete with other existing Cloud base giants which is very flexible and is allowed to share its unused spaces is very much willing to extend its service in exchange of IAG coins? This can really make a turnaround success for small companies and individuals who are aiming for high array of business. Not only that, I am sure that anyone who will use IAGON's Service will surely be confident in terms of their high security system.

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IAGON LOGO bng with lines.png

My short video clip about IAGON

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IAGON LOGO bng with lines.png

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