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Hello my dear friends, this is my entry for @originalworks contest this week, I want to personally thank you for giving me this opportunity. This week´s topic is Xaya. I do not have an extensive knowledge about the world of video games but what I do know is that it has positively impacted the lives of many people close to me, from improving their ability to concentrate and psychomotor skills to getting them out of depression.

While initially video games had standardized categories and were not accessible to everyone, the reality has changed a lot since then and now there are video games of multiple categories adapted to the tastes and age ranges of the entire population.

The video games industry is constantly developing to expand the possibilities and experiences of consumers around the world. It is being suggested by experts a fusion of blockchain technology with videogames, this being an innovative and exciting strategy, which will create a massive impact in the industry, Xaya is among the blockchain games initiatives.

What is XAYA?

Xaya, being pronounced Zay-ya (formerly known as Chimaera) is a specific blockchain for games, which allows you to create your own games and play real-time games, in a decentralized and autonomous way, having full ownership of characters and virtual assets, being this platform born through the greatest minds of both video games as well as Blockchain.

Xaya offers great benefits to both the developers and player without using servers, thanks to the inclusion of blockchain tecnology, which means games without worrying about server crash and the best of all is that it can´t be hacked because it is almost impossible with the blockchain technology, so you can create and play games with total confidence at any time, at any place, as long as you have internet.

Here is a little resume talking about the most important individual benefits of Xaya:

For developers: Currently most of the games are using centralised servers, which can produce excessive cost for publishers meanwhile Xaya uses decentralised system offering developers and gamers 24/7 availability. They can also create their own virtual currencies and assets. And the most important is that they don´t have to invest a lot of money or spend years developing their own videogame.

For players: As said above, it is a completely safe platform without the risk of being hacked, having a fair gameplay and having ownership to virtual asset. Besides you can easily trade and share virtual asset, exchange them for CHI (The cryptocurrency of the blockchain Xaya) and later to the real world.

And finally for supporters they have a cryptocurrency with high utility value (CHI), access to large existing markets and access to untapped gaming market like virtual asset trading.

And now we will make a recap about the most important features of Xaya:

1. Scalability: You can virtually make unlimited transactions in the game worlds and unlike other blockchain platforms it won´t represent a problem.

2. Ownership: The asset will be totally yours and can freely buy, sell, trade and even loot them.

3. No servers: You don´t need centralised servers to run the games.

4. Easy development: You can create games in any language, learning new ones is not needed

5. MMO: It is for Massively Multiplayer Online games, with a decentralised system and 24/7 availability.

6. Proven Secure: It is totally secure, Xaya uses a custom PoW mining method. Hacking is nearly impossible.

7. Safe trading: Trustless exchange, guaranteed absolute security when trading assets and currencies.

New games

There are 2 great launchings soon, the main goal is to populate with incredible games their platform, a truly revolutionary reality. The first one is Treat fighters which uses entirely the blockchain and is about battle competition and cooking up treat fighters, the second one is Soccer manager, a blockchain-based multiplayer football management game, being unique on its kind, with more than 20 million downloads, it is expanding like fire even in China.

Treat Fighters:

So, one important question is: How is Xaya better than its predecessor Huntercoin?.

In 2013, Huntercoin was launched, based (Just as Xaya) on blockchain technology and it was launched with great success, however scalability is a challenge faced by many of the blockchain projects, as it increases in size , the pressure increases and it is more complicated to store a bigger and bigger ledger.
Huntercoin was not the exception regarding these problems, therefore, the developers created XAYA solving this problem by means of a brilliant solution that was never seen before, which consisted in off-chain transactions for the reduction of the size of the ledger, using Bitcoin Core and Namecoin elements to reduce scalability problems.

Now let´s talk a little bit about Xaya´s Cryptocurrency, CHI

The cryptocurrency of Xaya is CHI, it will be the fuel of the blockchain Xaya, making possible the exchange of CHI for objects in other videogames or transfering them to the real world, so this way you can make money when enjoying your favorite hobbie and nobody can tell you anymore that you are wasting your precious time.

The geniuses minds that came up with this great idea were the following:

For several years there has been no compensation other than satisfaction and happiness of having dedicated our time and effort to something that we are passionate about, but now you will have monetary compensation for it, being this a stimulus to give the best of ourselves, Can there be something better than this? If you want to make your dreams come true, this is your chance, this is your moment, Xaya is the key, you won´t regret it.

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